Shahrukh Spring Round 2: Best Heroes!!! Down to Only 11 Brackets! VOTE!

Well, I am very disappointed in you all. I put up 22 Brackets to vote in, and only 5 people voted. Let’s see if we can do BETTER now that we are down to only 11. Or do you want Shahrukh to think you don’t care?????

Bracket 1

Ajay-Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Sunil-Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa

Bracket 2

Surinder-Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


Bracket 3



Bracket 4

Harry-Jab Harry Met Sejal

Om-Om Shanti Om

Bracket 5


Rahul-Yes Boss

Bracket 6

Kabir-Chak De! India

Amar-Dil Se

Bracket 7

The Ghost-Paheli

Rahul-Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Bracket 8

Hero-Oh! Darling Yeh Hai India


Bracket 9

Arun-One 2 Ka 4

Rahul-Chennai Express

Bracket 10


Aman-Kal Ho Na Ho

Bracket 11

Ram-Main Hoon Na



20 thoughts on “Shahrukh Spring Round 2: Best Heroes!!! Down to Only 11 Brackets! VOTE!

  1. Bracket 1: Sunil – Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa
    Bracket 2: Surinder – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Bracket 3: Raj – DDLJ
    Bracket 4: Harry – Jab Harry Met Sejal
    Bracket 5: Shankar – Koyla
    Bracket 6: Amar – Dil Se
    Bracket 7: The Ghost – Paheli
    Bracket 8: Raj – Baadshah
    Bracket 9: Arun – One 2 Ka 4
    Bracket 10: Rahul – K3G
    Bracket 11: Mohan – Swades


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  4. 1. Sunil-Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa
    2. Surinder-Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    3. Raj-DDLJ
    4. Om-Om Shanti Om
    5. Rahul-Yes Boss
    6. Kabir-Chak De! India
    7. Rahul-Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    8. Raj-Baadshah
    9. Rahul-Chennai Express
    10. Aman-Kal Ho Na Ho (I think this was the toughest pick for me, Aman is the better character though I like K3G more as a movie)
    11. Mohan-Swades


  5. Okay you got me, I was overwhelmed last time but here we go:
    1. Ajay-Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
    2. Guddu-Guddu (who said the movie has to be good to have a good hero?)
    3. Raj-DDLJ
    4. Harry-Jab Harry Met Sejal
    5. Shankar-Koyla – so I can love a movie and still think the hero sucks in it right?
    6. Kabir-Chak De! India – Dil’s whole lust & stalking thing was not awesome.
    7. The Ghost-Paheli – honestly I think this one might be the best of all – bettery than Harry? Hmmm.
    8. Raj-Baadshah
    9. Arun-One 2 Ka 4 – super grouch beat out permanent child
    10. Rahul-K3G – Aman isn’t a real character, he’s a fantasy, so therefore he can’t be a hero. I like my hero’s real.
    11. Ram-Main Hoon Na – this one was hard, but Ram does more stunts.


  6. 1. Sunil (KHKN)
    2. Surinder (RNBDJ)
    3. Raj (DDLJ)
    4. Harry (JHMS)
    5. Shankar (Koyla)
    6. Kabir (Chak)
    7. Ghost (Paheli)
    8. Raj (Baadhah)
    9. Arun (One2Ka4)
    10. Rahul (K3G)
    11. Mohan (Swades)


  7. Well, less brackets, but still – for me – four tough choices…
    1) Sunil
    2) Surinder
    3) Raj (DDLJ)
    4) Harry
    5) Rahul (Yes Boss) – tougher change in the character
    6) Amar – I like Kabir VERY much but Amar is closer to my heart
    7) Rahul KKHH) – The Ghost is pefect (the yearning in a woman’s heart), Rahul is imperfect but more believable
    8) Raj (Baadshah) – this time I give this fun guy his due
    9) Rahul (CE) – hard to choose, but Rahul made his choice out of himself while Arun was supported by Juhi…
    10) Rahul (K3G)
    11) Mohan


  8. Sorry for not voting earlier, busy week. 😦
    1. Sunil
    2. Surinder (tough)
    3. Raj, Raj, Raj
    4. Harry (easyyyyy)
    5. Shankar
    6. Kabir – Dil Se was toooo stalky
    7. The Ghost
    8. Raj
    9. Arun
    10. Rahul (but so so so tough, Aman was lovely too)
    11. Ram

    Can’t wait for the next round!


  9. Here goes:
    1. Ajay
    2. Suri
    3. Raj
    4. Harry
    5. Rahul – haven’t seen either of these so really this is a vote for Juhi over Madhuri
    6. Kabir – always and forever
    7. Rahul
    8. Raj – haven’t seen Badshah so this is a vote against ODYHI
    9. Rahul – guess it’s just straight Rahuls
    10. Rahul – the weepiest bracket
    11. Ram – toughest one, giving up your NASA career for the good of the village vs. leaping into a helicopter from a flaming rooftop


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