DCIB Book Club reminder! Next Sunday, Just Jennifer, WWII Children’s Book/Young Romance!

This is just a reminder, next Sunday, we are discussing an obscure children’s book that I personally quite like and also think you all would find it a fun light quick read. We all have graduate degrees (mostly)! We should be able to read a 100 page children’s book!

Just Jennifer! Available through Image Cascade Publishing and probably no where else. If you want to support your local bookstore (always a good idea), you can order it from the publisher through them. Or you can order it on kindle and still support Image Cascade, whatever you want. Just get it! And read it!

Things to think about while reading:

The WWII homefront world of no men. There are little boys and old men and a whooooooooooooooole bunch of women in this world.

All the household details! It’s like the housekeeping equivalent of one of those process dramas where you see exactly how a heist is pulled off. Only instead it’s all the details of how someone makes dinner under rationing.

A very casual attitude towards trauma. Every single character has suffered some form of trauma in their lives and everyone just keeps plugging along. It doesn’t feel inaccurate necessarily, there was a surprising amount of every day trauma back then, but it’s a thing to think about.

Emotional Labor! The deep understanding of how exhausting it is to always be smiling and happy and have everyone rely on you.


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