Fame Game Episodes 5 and 6: All About the Kids, and then All About the Mothers

Okay, two episodes left and I still have NO idea what the ending will be! That is a sign of a very well constructed series.

Episode 5:

This episode really digs into how troubled young people can be. It’s 3 kids, Amara and Avi and also Nutty Fan. Avi’s suicide story is leaked to the press. Amara has a meltdown at school when she doesn’t get a callback for an open casting call and it is recorded and leaked. And then we learn that Nutty Fan is obsessed because he is sure that Madhuri is his mother, based on his birthdate and that it was right when Madhuri disappeared from view after her affair with Manav. Madhuri is trying to juggle all 3 of these kids in a fairly ruthless way. She has Billy beat up nutty fan for her, and then coldly makes clear to Billy that she knows he is the one who leaked the story about Avi. She is even cold to Manav, they have dinner together and she takes control and says she wants to talk about now, not the past. And in the present, Nutty Fan tracks down Billy and kills him. Before getting the DNA results that show him Madhuri is not his mother after all.

Madhuri’s actual family which seems to be MUCH healthier than her onscreen one.

It’s Amara’s meltdown that I find most interesting. She’s wrong and out of control, but she is still sympathetic. Her mother is the most beautiful amazing wonderful woman in India and everyone is going to compare them, always. So now she is flailing, trying to find herself, find a way to feel good on the inside. She has decided she should be an actress, that will make her feel better, but she can see that her friend has more talent than she does. And she gives a whole teary break down speech about how her friend only got the callback because she is sexy, because she will sleep with the director, because of how she dresses, and that Amara DESERVES this chance because her mother is Madhuri! It’s all the arguments online, all the toxic everything around casting of young women, distilled into one sobbing argument. And what I like best about it is that the show treats it as one bad moment in life. We like Amara! At least, I do. She’s lost and young and sad, but she’s also smart, and she really is in a horrible place in life trying to find herself in the shadow of this mother. And we know that she doesn’t REALLY think or feel all of those things she said. At least, she doesn’t think or feel them all the time, it just came bubbling up just then. For celebrities, especially celebrity kids, you are never allowed to have a bad moment and it’s not fair.

Episode 6:

Plotwise, Billy’s murder is discovered but the police aren’t sure it is connected. Shobha, our police officer, is dealing with her own custody issue and she and her partner are trying to prove their right to custody of their son versus her partner’s ex-husband who is the boy’s biological father. She is taken off the case which makes her start thinking in a new way, want to understand fully who Madhuri is or was in order to understand what is happening. The film music launch goes ahead, Manav is acting crazy, Sanjay is trying to act normal, and Amara gets so upset that she sneaks off to have sexy with Nutty Fan. In the past, Madhuri takes her kids to spend the day with Manav at his farmhouse and decides that this is what she wants, a peaceful family life with her kids and Manav, nothing else.

Does anyone know what they used to film Manav’s farmhouse? It’s not Madhuri’s or Karan’s, I checked that. It’s not this photo either, this is Suniel Shetty’s which is just my favorite farmhouse

Oh Amara! And Oh Avi! I’m not the only one who is feeling for them more and more, right? Amara sleeps with Nutty Fan because he pays attention to her and tells her she is pretty. This is a pretty horrible thing she is going through right now, and so far we have only seen Nutty Fan and sometimes her brother reaching out to her. Not her father, not her grandmother, not any friends. She is an isolated fragile little girl and she makes a baaaaaaaaaaad mistake. Meanwhile, in the past, Avi goes to therapy with Madhuri and is still so ashamed and guilty and miserable about his sexuality that he can’t even say the words. His best friend essentially confesses his love to him and Avi, who clearly loves him back, can’t bring himself to reach for that happiness either. But the thing is, these troubled kids really really need their mother, but their mother can’t “mother” them if she can’t have what she needs as well. Avi’s therapist pushes Madhuri to say what SHE wants because that’s part of Avi’s life and needs, having a happy mother. Manav pushes her too. And now that she knows what she wants, or says she does, what is she going to do about it?


14 thoughts on “Fame Game Episodes 5 and 6: All About the Kids, and then All About the Mothers

  1. The way it was revealed exactly HOW MUCH control Madhuri’s mother has was very revealing. And that she married her off more for her own sake than her daughter’s. I do love Avi and the actor and his best friend. Just love them to bits! I hope they get a happy ending or at least happiness. Amara’s meltdown was one I could foresee, but because of massive secondhand embarrassment, I just couldn’t watch it and skipped the scene. I am so glad that Nutty Fan isn’t her son. The guy who acts the part really does the crazy part well, especially with his eyes.


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  3. Nutty fan and Amara made me cringe. He’s a mixture of guile and desperation. I get why she sleeps with him; she thinks he “sees” her. But does he, really? Is there any true caring there? Avi’s suicidal loathing for his sexuality was a good story beat but possibly a little over the top?? From some of the recent films and serials I’ve watched, India seems to have climbed out of the sexual dark ages. I won’t spoil it for you, but Anamika manages to satisfy Amara and herself in the end.


    • I could by Avi’s suicidal self loathing. Because ultimately what would matter most is what his own family thought/how they raised him, and clearly his Dad would NOT be a cool with a gay son.

      On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 11:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I was sad when we learnt Billy had leaked the gossip! And planning to find more gossip-worthy pics from the camera! Why? Money? Is there anyone she can trust? The fan gives me the creeps. I’m not feeling for Amara, sorry! Her entitlement is off-putting, I would’ve had more sympathy for her if she had her meltdown in private. I find it hard to believe that someone like her would do it in public, and it makes her appear worse. I’m also struggling with the fact that Avi and his best friend from childhood, are both revealed to be gay. It’s too convenient i feel.


    • I’m okay with the Avi storyline, because it’s childhood sweethearts! A classic of Hindi film! They aren’t two friends who both happen to be gay, they are two boys in love who were pretending to just be friends.

      I think Amara’s breakdown is vital to her character, but you are right, it would have been better in private. They could have had the exact same scene only it was her and a friend and then she apologized and they didn’t realize someone was filming it. Instead of a tantrum in front of a dozen people.


  5. I’m only part way through episode 5 and I had to stop and watch some happy youtube songs because this series is such a BUMMER! And now I just read all about what happens so I won’t be surprised which is probably a good thing for me. But really, a bummery soap opera of a show and I want to know the mystery but I don’t feel like being miserable for another three hours to find out what happened. And I haven’t seen it, but I am DEVESTATED that Billy gets killed. I loved him.


  6. I love all the young people in this show! Maybe not Nutty Fan, but I think the actor playing him is terrific. Also, Amara is very authentic to me. She’s probably been surrounded by gorgeous people, not just her mom but other actresses, for her whole life, and her grandmother who’s supposed to love her keeps telling her how fat and unattractive and untalented she is. Any young woman would go off the deep end.

    Also shattered about Billy.


    • The son and his boyfriend are so good! And so sweet and pure and young.

      On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 12:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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