Shahrukh Spring Brackets: Heros and Villains COMBINED!!!!

Yes! TWIST! I am COMBINING BRACKETS! You can vote however you want, performance or sexiness or unusual character, but it’s all gonna be mixy-matchy now.

Bracket 1


Sunil-Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa

Bracket 2



Bracket 3

Shahrukh Khan-Real Life


Bracket 4

Surinder-Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Kabir-Chak De

Bracket 5



Bracket 6



20 thoughts on “Shahrukh Spring Brackets: Heros and Villains COMBINED!!!!

  1. Slightly off topic but how can I keep quiet about this?
    Shahrukh just tweeted – Pathan release 25 Jan 2023. Who Hoooooo. At last! 😄😄😄


  2. Bracket 1: Sunil – Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa
    Bracket 2: Raj – DDLJ
    Bracket 3: Harry – JHMS
    Bracket 4: Surinder – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Bracket 5: Rahul – K3G
    Bracket 6: Mohan – Swades


  3. Unlike all previous votes this one was based off of who was the MOST FUN to watch. So don’t get me wrong DDLJ is great and Raj is an awesome hero -but is an awesome hero more interesting than a metro sexual villain in love with a cop? Yeah no. A good Villain is ALWAYS more fun than a good hero. Oh, and SRK himself is not a fully fleshed out character – parts are hidden away – so therefore the movie characters are more fun to watch.
    1: Gaurav-Fan
    2: Don
    3: Harry-JHMS
    4: Surinder-Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    5: Rahul-K3G
    6: Ajay-Vicky-Baazigar


  4. I haven’t seen all of these so that’s the only explanation behind some of my votes.

    1) Gaurav
    2) Raj
    3) SRK
    4) Surinder
    5) K3G Rahul
    6) Ajay/Vicky


  5. This is madness!

    1. Gaurav – but v close because of the CGI smooth face factor
    2. Don – watched this movie more times, my loyalties are clear
    3. Harry – would never presume to pass judgment on real human SRK
    4. Kabir – always and forever (and surprised to find myself so lonely, but it’s fine, I will take him and the two of us can run off without the rest of you)
    5. Rahul K3G – tied for weepiness but less passive and better first half wardrobe
    6. Mohan – less murdery, better songs, more wet shirt scenes


  6. Long-time lurker jumping in late here, hope that’s okay.
    1. Sunil, for adorableness and being so very realistically flawed.
    2. Don; his unrepentant villainy is just so fun.
    3. Oh this is bloody sneaky! But I think have to go with Harry, because he belongs to and is known by the viewer in a way a real person can never be.
    4. Surinder. I love him more than is healthy 💘
    5. K3G Rahul, mostly for better costumes. And that one moment… and that other scene… I feel a rewatch coming on 😅
    6. This was really hard too, but Mohan wins because *feels*


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