Friday WatchAlong: Chippendales Film! On YouTube! Because We Have Trash Taste! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

It’s grey and getting colder outside, but inside things are HEATING UP. We are watching the Chippendales movie!

The link below is the best link I can find on youtube for “Tall Dark and Handsome”. We are going to watch it together starting at 3pm and have brilliant critical analytical commentary.

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and then we will all comment along from there!

And if we like it enough, and if people join late, we will just start playing it over again at 4:10pm.


153 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Chippendales Film! On YouTube! Because We Have Trash Taste! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

  1. The kids were outside earlier and I watche the first 20 minutes until they came back in. And I CANNOT stand the woman kissing the man’s ass. It just makes me feel gross and icky. As soon as the kids came back inside I turned it off. I MUST protect them from male objectification? I don’t know it just feels wrong.


  2. None of these dopey dudes are giving me good face in the close ups. Which makes sense if they are more live performers and less camera.


    • The one where he sings about being more than a two-dimensional photo but barely ever moves his face and wears nude underwear that is highly disconcerting.


    • THe no underwear is wrong. I preschool dad once told me that he doesn’t wear underwear and I have tried not to think about it ever since. I don’t think he washes his pants often.

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  3. I think this movie thinks I like men’s butts more than I like mens butts. Like, there’s more focus on that one area than any other body part.


  4. They do a lot of straight led bending over in this movie. Yes, I am going to continue to call it a movie. It has a PLOT! And characters with names!


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