Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away, as I Finally Remember to Post!

Happy Saturday! I had a lovely slow morning, then went over to the recycling place, then came home and started a sewing project, then left and went to a chiropractor, then came home and walked the dog again, and then got a message from the Upstairs People asking what we were doing for dinner, and then ordered dinner with them, and then went “whoops, I forgot to post!”

Things to talk about!

Advice! Feb/March continues to hit me like a train every night as soon as the sun goes down. My Mom is sending me to a Shaman (no, really). Anyone else have any ideas? In addition to, of course, medically prescribed and supervised medication? Reiki, acupuncture, anything that’s worked for you?

Thar! Based on this Anil Kapoor instagram slideshow, I kind of want to see it? Because Anil looks awesome?

Bridgerton! The new season is coming fast, and it’s gonna be all about desis!!! Supposedly including bits of music from K3G and stuff? So very relevant to DCIB. I read the book it is based on years ago and it is an interesting older/younger sister idea, the younger sister is “prettier” and easier and things. Sounds like the movie is making it also a skin tone thing, the older sister is more obviously desi and therefore a harder sell on the marriage market?

I don’t want to reread the book, or watch the show, and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do (at least until my Mom’s Shaman lady cures me). But you all can ABSOLUTELY talk about it here! I love talking about relationship dramas seriously because they are serious!

Radhe Shyam! It’s coming out this week! Should I go see it in theaters? Even though Outside At Night is Scary?


9 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away, as I Finally Remember to Post!

  1. You should see Radhe Shyam! I have no clue about the story but the visuals and music are very exciting!

    If you do see Radhe Shyam, what language are you gonna see it in; Hindi or Telugu? I find the two separate soundtrack situation to be very fascinating.


    • Oh shoot! I’ll be seeing it in whatever version has the best showtime/location, didn’t even think about the language issue. I hope I can see it in Telugu, I always prefer the language that the filmmakers are originally in.

      On Sat, Mar 5, 2022 at 7:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I remember reading that Prabhas is doing his own dubbing for Hindi as well for this movie so at least that won’t be an issue if you do end up watching the Hindi version.


  2. Yes, yes, Watch Radhe Shyam! The plot may be a trash, but it’s Prabhas on the big screen, surrounded by beautiful visuals. I think it’s a theather movie. Made to be watched in cinemas and it won’t be the same on the little screen.


  3. Oooh, let us know how the Shaman works out! I am really curious. Besides medication, exercise, baths, and massages always helped me. I would sometimes get a bit obsessive with working out, but I truly think it made all the difference in the world when medications weren’t an option for me.

    Okay, so now the one thing that did NOT work for me was acupuncture. I tried it. It HURT! I tried it with two different practitioners and I felt like my anxiety got worse every time I knew I had an appointment. It has worked for many other people and almost everyone who liked it told me it doesn’t hurt but it was painful for me. I hated it.


    • I did acupuncture two years ago, also in February/March, and I was just thinking about how effective it was. It was effective in that once I week I got out of the house and went to a calm peaceful location and just lay there being in the present for an hour. But that was kind of it. I could have had the same experience by going to a meditation space once a week.

      Fascinated that it hurt you! I’m gonna stick that away in my mind as a thing that can happen. Maybe it’s like cilantro tasting like soap? For most people it’s fine, but because of a weird twist for some people it isn’t?

      On Sun, Mar 6, 2022 at 9:59 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. So I happened to see Malliswari again for the first time in years yesterday. It’s one of the two movies that Katrina made in Telugu in the beginning of her career and it was a pretty big hit at the time. I’ve seen a few of Katrina’s hindi movies from around this same time and her performance in Malliswari was so much better. So you’re theory about actresses not having to stress about dubbing definitely fits here! I’m kinda disappointed now that Katrina never came back and made more movies down here because she was really good and memorable.

    I will say that it’s funny seeing a song where the hero dances around Katrina since it’s basically the opposite scenario now 🙂


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