Shahrukh Spring Brackets: Villains Versus Heroes Round 2!

Oh dear, I almost forgot to go back to this! The Shahrukh King Character would have been left uncrowned!

Bracket 1



Bracket 2



Bracket 3




13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Spring Brackets: Villains Versus Heroes Round 2!

  1. 1. Raj
    2. Harry (I almost abstained it was so hard 😆 But though I think I love them equally, that certain vulnerability in Harry means I must snuggle him close and protect him from everything, including losing this contest.)
    3. Mohan


  2. #1 Raj – surprising, my first vote for him, but IDK more growth? found something to live for?
    #2 Harry – this vote is from me and Kabir, coming home with me was his consolation prize for losing to Suri in the last round
    #3 Mohan – better hair, less weeping, chose helping people over money and success


  3. I have a real concussion and am not supposed to / can’t read or look at screens, but I will always vote for Harry. So for any and all upcoming rounds I vote Harry.


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