New SRK Ad! He’s Happy, I’m Happy, THE WORLD is Happy!!!!

What a nice ad!!!! It’s Shahrukh, spreading happiness and love, being happy and loved, just warms the cockles of my SRKian heart.

What I love about this ad is that it flat out pretends the last 10 years never happened. Everyone loves SRK, old and young and male and female (especially female) and desi and non-desi. He is light and smiles and dancing and joy. There are no complications, no worries, sunshine and happiness all around.

And, you know, why not? This is what Dubai is selling. Go somewhere and just be happy, be free, get away from the restrictions of your home country.

Oh, I also like how Suhana is used in the ad. Forget the idea that it is promoting her career or whatever, it might not even be her voice on the phone. But to say “it’s okay to be happy and free on your own while still being tied to your family”. It that makes sense? It’s a nice nod to “this is vacation from normal life with our blessing”.

And in other important topics, either that is the Worst Wig in History, or his hair was at a very bad point of being grown out. And I think he did mess with his teeth, gosh darn it.


12 thoughts on “New SRK Ad! He’s Happy, I’m Happy, THE WORLD is Happy!!!!

  1. A very nice ad. I must show it to my son because he is interested in Dubai for some reason.

    Salman’s ad Niki posted is also very good. I agree that young Sallu’s face is strange but the idea is great. I only wish there were subs because I don’t understand what old Salman answers when asked about shaadi.


  2. I’ve been convinced for over a year that he messed with his nose but I can’t get any SRKian to agree. He always used to have a slight thickening of the bridge, which at times produced an almost cross-eyed effect (which he emphasised a bit for Rizvan). Even in his thinnest phases he would have this slightly pudgy, slightly out of balance aspect to his face which together with his dimples was very cute. Now he’s been a bit straightened out.

    The first time I noticed the new look was in that 2020 birthday video, which appeared after a long absence, and then in the New Year clip, and for me it’s been there ever since. Also indeed, I think too, some (but not completely) straightening out of his teeth. And perhaps some wrinkles smoothed out. All this creates a bit of an ‘uncanny valley’ effect: it’s Shahrukh, but not as we know him…

    Otherwise: such a lovely, happy, old-style Shahrukh ad! The best present for Womens Day 💕 ✨


  3. I don’t know whether they’ve digitally altered his face, or if he’s done something but there’s something off! And the hair situation is… not good! I’m afraid this is going to be the Pathaan look!


    • Surely this is just an in between hair look! The real Pathan look will be longer.

      On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 3:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. From mpollak711: a bunch of things:
    1) He has been growing that hair for Pathan for 2 years. It must be crucial to the character, somehow. I think when it’s short and he looks adorable he thinks he can’t be as bad as he needs to be.
    2) The nose: I’m pretty sure he didn’t fix the nose. In some of the shots it’s very much still there.
    3) The teeth: sometimes they digitally fix the teeth and sometimes they don’t. It’s usually consistent in a film, but not always. Look at JHMS. Sometimes he has his own real teeth and sometimes not.
    4) Dubai: I know they love him and treat him so nicely which his own country doesn’t always do, but they way they treat their Indian workers makes me feel bad he advertises them.
    5) I’m pretty sure that isn’t Suhana’s voice because she has posted videos but it is a nice touch.
    All that being said, it is a relief to see him in action again. Molly
    Oh, and P.S. Saw Alia’s Gangbai in the theater yesterday. Margaret captured it. It is very episodic but Alia is amazing.


    • 1) I wonder if the plan was to have long hair in a wig, but once the pandemic hit they just went for it? Also, your theory I am sure is true. But for Don 2, he did a wig because he didn’t have the time.
      2) Thank goodness, thank you
      3) Ah! Okay, that makes sense with teeth.
      4) Yeah, agree.
      5) Aw, I like it even better that it isn’t her voice. So it’s just a cute touch nod to his family, not even bringing in the real Suhana.


  5. He looks good. Active and peppy like we haven’t seen in a while. Agree about the happy energy, he’s all bouncy and light on his feet. Brings back that irrepressible young SRK who would break out a leap or somersault at the slightest opportunity.


    • Yes! He just seems super happy and bouncy. Whether he is actually happy or not, I am glad he is embracing that performing again.

      On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 10:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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