Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Pi Day???

Happy Monday! And Happy Pi Day!!! As is traditional, I overslept. Because Daylight Savings ended. Or started. Whichever it is.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “When are you seeing Badhai Do?” to “What’s Pi day?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! Obviously, because it is Pi Day. What movie star do you want to have pie with, and what pie would it be?

I want to have blueberry pie with Shahrukh, because I want to see what his face looks like when the blueberries turn his lips blue.

25 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Pi Day???

  1. What are some favorite well written romance novels of yours? My folks are gonna visit soon and I’ll have time with outside the baby so would love recommendations!


    • Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister is great, not really a romance novel but Shards of Honor by Lois Bujold is also great. Jennifer Crusie and Evanovich, their early stuff is light and fun. I honestly haven’t read romance novels in a while so my mind is a blank for other suggestions. Anyone else here have ideas?

      On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 9:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Um, may I suggest two of mine? Witch’s Moon, old fashioned hero and heroine, barbary coast pirates, some sex. And Back in Belmont, modern, starcrossed lovers, more sex but nothing smarmy. Available from Amazon.

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        • Yay thank you both 🤗!! Adding them all to the list. I rather like the sound of Noble Intentions and
          Witches Moon. Recalll Shards of Honor from the DCIB bookclub but by the time the library got it for me, it was too late so I didn’t read it.

          In return here’s a Christie recommendation I enjoyed! Ordeal by Innocence.


    • If one asks me for romance novels, the first that comes to my mind are the Georgette Heyer novels…I read them as a 16-year old to learn English … and I still enjoy them…


      • Georgette Heyer is the BEST! Have you tried Katherine Mansfield? Not as funny but great writing just the same!! Any others you like in the same vein?


        • Not really as I’m not really a romance novel afficionado…I like Daphne du Maurier and the Scarlet Pimpernell novels (Le Mouron Rouge) from Baronne Orczy, and also Anne Golon (the Angélique/Joffrey de Peyrac novels..I’m more in adventures, crimes and thrillers. But the Georgette Heyer novels (romance and crime) are close to my heart because at 16 I started to read them to learn English and I still like them.


          • All your favs rank as mine too — except the Anne Golan one (never knew it!) so I’m picking that up ASAP! Thank you!! 🤗


    • Well, I’ll put it this way: It’s too scary for me to have ever watched it, but then so was ET.

      In the realm of Hitchcock, it is one of the last I would recommend as an Angie film. He did a lot of great romance plot thrillers, Psycho is not one of them.

      On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 12:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I read a lot in the last few days about Anthony Perkins, Psycho and other old movies and I thought that maybe it’s the time to watch it. I have seen the shower scene and the twist scene many times in different occasions, and aren’t those the most scary ones? But yeah, I think you’re right it’s not my kind of film and I should skip it.


        • Ooo ooo! Watch The Matchmaker for Anthony Perkins! Or Tall Story is also kind of cute. Boy, he really didn’t have a lot of light roles.

          On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 3:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I think (or at least it was for me) that the creepy atmosphere was the most scary…and the young man’s disturbed mind.
          I agree with Margeret – there are better movies with Anthony Perkins and better ones from Hitchcock (depends on if you’re more interested in the actor or the director).


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