Saturday WatchAlong: Should We Watch Sanak? Or Something Rani? Or Emraan-y?

My office is short staffed this week, so I’ve been a bit work-swamped. Especially since I had to take 2 and a half hours off yesterday for stupid Albie Dog’s vet visit to confirm he just had an upset tummy. Anyway, sorry! This is super last minute! And it has to be Saturday or Sunday or something, because I’m working late Friday.


We’ve been chatting about it a bit, and Vidyut is always a kick, so should we try it together?

Something Rani?

It’s Rani’s birthday week! Should we do a Rani? What Rani should we do?

Something Emraan?

It’s also Emraan week! Should we do an Emraan? What Emraan should we do?


’83 just hit Netflix! I don’t wanna watch it, but I feel like the best way to watch it is as a watchalong making fun of wigs.

8 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Should We Watch Sanak? Or Something Rani? Or Emraan-y?

  1. I can’t do Saturday because I have another 1 year old’s birthday party. But I am available on Sunday.

    If it’s Sunday, could we please please pick Chori Chori for Rani’s birthday week? Rani is so fun in it. I’m not sure if anyone else has seen the movie but it is just such a happy silly movie! It’s on YouTube for free with subtitles (and Einthusan). And it’s short. 2h15m

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  2. I can’t do Sunday! Ahh Filmikhudie and I don’t share schedules! If you do Saturday I obviously want to see Sanak, and like you a watch-a-long may be the only way to see 83, and Ranveer is SO PROUD of it. It is like I want to support him, but sport movies are never my favorites. I mean all team sports are basically staged wars right? Cinematically a staged battle is more visually appealing than some goofy dressed men on a field.


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