COVID Update: We’re Having a COVID Party!

Finally got my test results back confirming what I already knew, which means that as conscientious people, our household could now fully combine again. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, in person people! COVID Party!

Last night we watched two Spider-Man movies while having whispered arguments about what groceries to order and when. Everything is funnier when everyone is whispering in silly frog voices to each other. Also, we ordered dinner: one pasta with only butter and garlic, two chocolate mousses, and three tiramisus. We’re SICK! We get to do whatever we want!!!

Tomorrow, the plan is to watch a bunch of Star Trek and get coffee delivered. And I am keeping track on my blackboard of every time I take an Advil so I don’t overdose, my parents still have Albie Dog, but I miss him so I am trying to line up a dogwalker so I can get him back/not have to walk outside in the horrible rainy snowy weather we are getting.

And today is my parents 45th anniversary, and my nephew has stopped wearing pants. We watched the spiderman movie that filmed in Prague and I kept looking for Shahrukh. And when you have a fever, you pee less than you drink because you are re-liquidizing your cells I got curious about that. And I also had as many hot baths in the past two days as I have had since I moved in altogether.

Also, I used up my coloring markers and I had to buy more. Okay, Advil time, and then bed until it is Advil time again.

11 thoughts on “COVID Update: We’re Having a COVID Party!

  1. Wish u speedy recovery. Pasta w/butter.garlic-the best. Have been watching JHMS with your scene by scene. Loving this movie & music more. Today going to see RRR 3rd time. This time introducing friend to it.


  2. Wish u speedy recovery. Pasta w/butter.garlic-the best. Have been watching JHMS with your scene by scene. Loving this movie & music more. Today going to see RRR 3rd time. This time introducing friend to it.


  3. I love that you associate Prague with SRK! I myself am a hot bath fan. And when really sick I find myself sleeping in the bathtub, which slowly drains automatically so I add a couple inches of hot water every hour. When I lived in Berlin I slowly bought Copic markers, and then bought ink refills for those markers, and now 22 years later I still have those markers. But they are acid based, sometimes I enjoy using water based markers so you can paint over them with a water paintbrush and make it look water colory. My problem is I have nothing to do with what I create. I started making bookmarks because then at least I can attach them to gifts I give people. Blick art ( is a good spot for online art supply purchases.


  4. I’m sorry to hear you were feeling worse. When I had Covid, I had only 2 bad days and then the third was a lot better. I hope it will be like that for you also.


  5. Tiramisu is always a good choice.

    Has your nephew gone commando or is he wearing something besides pants?

    We just watched Chennai Express because I decided my kid needed context for Lungi Dance. And we had never done a family watch and the kids are the right age now. So I send you feel better wishes and happy thoughts of spring, carried by these two SRK butterfly songs.


  6. Sorry you’re still not completely OK, but sounds like you’re spending your time well. I approve of all the pasta and tiramisu! When I’m sick I eat as much ice cream as I feel like.


  7. Hii! How are you now?! My friend has covid recently; she was exhausted through it but also surprisingly found a silver lining in that she didn’t have to live her normal life and could lie secluded all day with no expectations from anyone (she’s usually responsible for a family of four and a bunch of volunteering activities with children). Looks like the Gods of silver linings have already found you with tiramisu but here’s to making them stay with you till your recovery 🤗


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