I Take a Sick Week, and Alia and Ranbir Get Engaged

This is what happens when I let things go! And I’m gonna have to keep letting things go because I’m still fighting fatigue. But y’all have to pick up the slack for me.

Kirre alerted me that multiple sources are now promising an Alia-Ranbir wedding within the next few weeks. It could still not happen, if nothing else it’s always possible that Ranbir throws some kind of artistic hissy fit and backs out last minute, but it’s getting closer and closer to being real. Sigh.

Anyway, Filmfare link so you can see that I’m not lying: https://www.filmfare.com/news/bollywood/exclusive-alia-bhatt-and-ranbir-kapoor-to-get-married-on-april-14_-52943.html

Why does this bother us so much? Is it because of the age gap? The experience gap? The way Ranbir seems to treat her/talk about her? The way she talks about herself when with him? The way his family treats her? His family history versus her family history?

I think for me it gets back to the way Ranbir publicly treats her. They are public figures so public behavior is an indication of private attitudes. I’m too sick to say this right, but nothing is an accident. The way you treat your partner in public is part of your respective jobs and you should be aware of the message you are sending. When a famous husband talks about how his famous wife is so talented and beautiful and so on, it’s not about him actually necessarily believing that, it’s about him showing respect for her public role and giving her public support. In contrast, when Ranbir makes a joint press conference about how he is such a great actor and Alia is his girlfriend, it shows a tremendous lack of respect for her own work and life goals. This has been the attitude straight through, HE made the announcement that they were dating and it was all about what she did for HIM. In public appearances, she is the one who seems to be working harder and presenting a happy face while he makes no effort at all to appear in love or happy. Yes, not everyone can be happy all the time. But Alia manages to put on a smile and a happy face for the press whenever they are photographed, because that is her job. And Ranbir just can’t be bothered to make it easier for her.


18 thoughts on “I Take a Sick Week, and Alia and Ranbir Get Engaged

  1. More Ranbir news, he announced that Randhir Kapoor has dementia and then Randhir publicly denied it. Even if Randhir had dementia, shouldn’t his kids announce it with his permission rather than randomly

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  2. There are 3 ways to treat your girlfriend in public:
    – you can praise her
    – you can focus more on yourself and treat her neutrally
    – you can make fun of her, and unfortunately that’s what Ranbir does.

    Ranbir is such a mess in all departments: he comes from a toxic, trashy family that thinks they are some kind of royalty, his ex love stories were all messy, he doesn’t have work ethic and probably also drinks. He is a one giant red flag! Alia must be really in love to not see all this alarming stuff.

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    • Alia has mentioned numerous times on how Ranbir was her childhood crush. I think it’s just that which is making her miss the glaring red flags


  3. These two quotes popped up with the announcement of the wedding. YIKES!!

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    • “The more you see, the more you know (…) Meet many girls, go out with them but don’t commit”
      And now she has a good for nothing 40 years old man child.

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    • What worries me about the last quote is that this is the type of “support” she’ll provide Alia when Ranbir inevitably cheats on her, or blames her for his failures, or whatever other host of issues will come up post marriage. “The other girls are just one night stands, you are the one he depends on. At the end of the day, he comes home to you.” Eww!

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  4. BTW Margaret, since you are sick, there are some full live show videos from the Dubau2020 Expo. Here are some. Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar-Eshaan-Loy and A. R. Rahman among others!!


  5. Ugh ugh ugh!!! They have been engaged for a while but the fact that they may be actually tying the knot is making me sick. And yes, it’s not just the way Ranbir talks about Alia, it’s the way she talks about herself around him, like she’s a another member of his idiotic fan club and he’s god, and not like a normal girlfriend. I want so much better for her. It also upsets me how much more he commands per movie and endorsement than her! Ugh ugh ugh!!!

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