COVID Update: I’m Getting Better Everyday, But So Booooooooooooooooored

Sigh. This is so dull. And kind of surreal, spending every day slooooooooooooowly getting better. Like going back in time to when it was the only treatment for disease. I feel like I’m in some Victorian novel about a “rest cure”.

First, remember how I said all the people I am closest to are also sick? Well, now they are all healthy and I’m still sick! It’s so unfair.

Anyway, two Wednesday ago I started to get a scratchy throat just like all my friends. By midday Friday I was feeling really tired and sore and feverish. Sent Albie to my parents and spent the weekend having baths and drinking soup and sleeping. Spent Monday and Tuesday not doing much and napping, no more fever. And then Wednesday I went back to work and by the end of the day I was flat on my back tired again. UGH! All I had to do was sit upright and look at a computer for 9 hours and it wiped me out.

Anyhoo, I’ve gone from being too tired to get dressed to needing a two hour nap if I sat upright at a computer to being tired but not needing a nap by the end of the day. Still not walking the dog more than half a mile (my parents are walking him for me now), and my co-workers have made it their full time jobs to police me and nag me. But, I have to keep remembering, I am getting better every day. It’s just dull in the meantime. And sort of surreal, my only job is to sit here on the couch eating healthy food and not overexerting myself.

I’m now at the point of wondering if I am still sick or just feeling a bit off. So I’m getting close to 100%! But still not pushing it, sitting here, eating food, doing coloring, blah blah blah.

Anyway, since I’m tired, my brain isn’t working good by the end of the work day, so I’m still not blogging for y’all as much as I should. And I’m not gonna commit to watchalongs or anything. But someday I will be better! It’s only been 2 weeks (as of today), and I’m already sooooooooooooo much better than I was. I’m on the way up!


10 thoughts on “COVID Update: I’m Getting Better Everyday, But So Booooooooooooooooored

  1. Oh I feel you. I kept thinking I was over it, and getting everything out to continue painting my ceiling… then getting on the ladder and feeling the tiredness kick back in to make me stop, grr. Finally gave up and made myself be lazier and it gradually wore off over the next week or two.
    Pretend you’re a Victorian heroine being elegantly unwell?
    Anyway I hope your body continues catching up again swiftly 💙


  2. Were you triple vaccinated?
    Hopefully you will be well soon with no long term side effects from having covid.
    Did you have the Omicron variant?
    I’m in Australia and the omicron variant of covid has been hitting the folks here hard lately.


    • Thank you!!!! And yes! I’m focusing on the “better” part and trying to ignore the “moving slow” part.

      On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 8:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Yes, wheel out the chaise longue and have the butler bring you a hot posset. I hear you, still getting weeks when rest seems to be all I can do. Just don’t push through it, probably best to halve what you think you should be able to do for a while. Its so tedious, glad your colleagues are policing you, mine are currently sending cheery ‘we don’t need you here’ messages from the office.Get well soon. Congrats on recovering your brain as well. I find it comes and goes.


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