TGIF: Annual Good Friday Post! HOT JESUS!

I’m part of the Christian tradition, and all of that, so I get to make fun of Jesus. Plus, Jesus was a cool dude, I think he’d get a chuckle out of this annual post, don’t you?

The historical Jesus, we have no clear idea what he looked like. Probably bearded, probably African features, darker skin tone, kinky hair. But we don’t know tall, short, wore white, wore sandals, who knows???

However, the common images of Jesus in the West are very specific. Pale skin, longish brown hair, beard, white, great abs. And following the traditional western Jesus depiction, let’s look at our Indian Hot Jesus options!

New SRK Hot Jesus! Doing the whole Big Arms thing too!

Vikrant Massay, very “tortured by the sadness of humanity” looking

Sid M, as Jesus reading one of the books about himself

Aamir tempted in the desert

Now Shahid’s doing the Big Arm Thing

Shahrukh, bein’ baptized

Fawad Khan, Jesus listening to you tell your sins

Harsh Kapoor, as Jesus relaxing after a long day preaching

Ram Charan as Jesus in another incarnation as Ram

Rana Duggabati as young Jesus, learning carpentry and struggling with his future

Aditya Roy Kapoor, shielding his eyes from the hot desert sun

Shahrukh as Jesus getting busy with Mary Magdelene

Dharmendra, bringing some “forgive them, they know not what they do” energy

And finally, HAPPY EASTER!!!!!


13 thoughts on “TGIF: Annual Good Friday Post! HOT JESUS!

  1. I know “Dharam Veer” way better than I know the New Testament, so I will presume this means that Jesus and Pontius Pilate get together at the end.

    Happy Easter! (Is that the correct greeting? Or is it “merry”?)

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  2. Hottest Jesusest vibes are between crucifix Shahid and Mary Magdalene SRK. Have to give this one to Shahid for Good Friday.

    Happy Easter!


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