British Brackets! Thank You Britain for Giving Me So Much Dumb Soothing Content to Stream While I Nap! In Your Honor, a New Bracket Challenge!

Okay, I’m bored, and also lonely. Everyone from the Chicago Health Department to the nice general practitioner I had a telehealth session with says I am not contagious. But on the other hand, no one really knows anything so I want to be careful. Keep me company! And I am hoping that this will be a good discussion jumping off point so I can feel like there are other people in the world outside of my 5 rooms.

Bracket 1

Emma Thompson

Olivia Colman

Bracket 2

Alan Rickman

Stephen Fry

Bracket 3

Julie Andrews

Peter O’Toole

Bracket 4

Christopher Lee

Colin Firth

Bracket 5

Kate Winslet

Maggie Smith

Bracket 6

Lawrence Olivier

Patrick Stewart

Bracket 7

Benedict Cummerbatch

Cary Grant

Bracket 8

Alan Cummings

David Niven

Also, be grateful, I originally had Alan Rickman against Emma Thompson.

(And I figured out how to write this post on my phone while fully lying down, ha!)


13 thoughts on “British Brackets! Thank You Britain for Giving Me So Much Dumb Soothing Content to Stream While I Nap! In Your Honor, a New Bracket Challenge!

  1. My man could break Colin Firth in half and everyone knows it. But sadly this isn’t fight brackets.

    Emma Thompson
    Alan Rickman
    Julie Andrews
    Christopher Lee (unexpected, I know)
    Difficult but controversially, I’m going Kate Winslet
    Patrick Stewart
    Cary Grant
    I guess I have to choose Alan Cumming but man that’s a mean one.


  2. Step away from the phone, rest and order in!

    I choose Olivia, Benedict and Alan. You’re not following rules so why should I?


  3. I’ll believe that you’re still lying down, because this list leaves me with a question: Where is Giles? I was about ready to believe that Anthony Head’s contract mandates that he has to be in everything British.
    1 Emma Thompson by sheer quantity
    2 Alan Rickman
    3 Julie Andrews
    4 Colin Firth
    5 Maggie Smith
    6 Patrick Stewart
    7 Benedict Cumberbatch, mostly out of loyalty to a good friend who’s an enormous fan
    8 eeny meeny … David Niven


  4. Wow, you made these really hard!

    1. Emma Thompson – she’s my always and forever of this group
    2. Alan Rickman – weirdly surprised that he’s British? Always thought he was putting on the accent when he had it in movies. (This is me knowing nothing much about celebrities outside of their work.)
    3. Julie Andrews – this one out of relative lack of Peter O’Toole exposure
    4. Colin Firth – same lack of exposure to Christopher Lee
    5. Kate Winslet – might be generational because she was in so many roles I loved whereas Maggie is mostly Downton Abbey to me
    6. Patrick Stewart – I love him
    7. Cary Grant – this one was super hard; but I haven’t quite forgiven Benedict for Dr. Strange or Power of the Dog
    8. Alan Cumming – writes books, among his considerable other talents


  5. I feel guilty of encouraging your reckless behavior by participating in this, but nevertheless:
    1 Emma Thompson – haven’t seen anything of Olivia Coleman
    2 Alan Rickman
    3 Julie Andrews
    4 Colin Firth (apologies to Popka!)
    5 Kate Winslet (toughest one)
    6 Lawrence Olivier
    7 Cary Grant (even a year ago Benedict would’ve been an easy pick, I had such a crush on him)
    8 David Niven


  6. With a few choices solely based on the pics, because I guess I haven’t seen many British films…
    1) Emma Thompson
    2) Alan Rickman
    3) Peter
    4) Colin
    5) Maggie
    6) Lawrence
    7) Carey
    8) David


  7. Ooh, fun. My picks.

    1. Emma Thompson
    2. Stephen Fry – love Rickman but I have to go with Jeeves. Glad you didn’t pitch him against Hugh Laurie.
    3. Peter O’ Toole
    4. Colin Firth
    5. Maggie Smith
    6. Lawrence Olivier
    7. Cary Grant – Best British export ever!
    8. David Niven


  8. Oo, brits! Plus, you should be resting, but glad to see you’re at least half-way compos mentis. Some tough calls here, but
    1 Emma Thompson for her screenwriting apart from all the rest of it
    2 Alan Rickman the inimitable, once seen as the repellent Obadiah Slope in Barchester Towers, forever smitten
    3 Julie Andrews
    4 Christopher Lee, yay Wicker Man
    5 Maggie Smith from the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie onwards
    6 Really hard, I love Patrick Stewart but Larry is royalty dahling
    7 Cary Grant
    8 Alan Cummings the devine

    Good to have you back, now back to rest, which l agree is boring, but gets you well again


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