Trailer Round-Up! What All Did I Miss While I Was Sick????

Thank you Angie and others who kept us well informed of trailers. Now I’m gonna try to catch up!

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Well, this is disappointing. The original-original in Malayalam is an all time classic with a fair amount of deep statements. The remake in Hindi kept the broad strokes of the plot at least. The main point is that all the village people assume the answer is a ghost, and that the person possessed is the person who society has already deemed untrustworthy and so on (the unmarried daughter of the house). But our hero shows up, at first presenting himself as a ghost hunter and then revealing himself as a Psychiatrist. The REAL answer is mental illness, and the real person doing these things is unexpected. You can’t just leap to ghosts, and blaming the easy answer, that’s the message. Also the message is, “we have written the greatest catchiest end credits song of all time.”

The sequel keeps the end credits song, thank goodness, but seems to dump everything else. It’s just another horror comedy. No lesson about superstition and assumptions and the toxic nature of families, just “ha-ha, ghost!”

Heropanti 2

Now this is a sequel I can get behind! Takes what was good about the first one (Tiger kicking things, songs, aggressively flirty relationship) and adds Nawazuddin Siddiqui! So much jumping and shirtless and songs and flirting and eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Well this looks REALLY INTERESTING!!!! My only concern is the balance between humor and serious. Because either it gets too humorous and I can’t enjoy it because the issue is too serious. Or it gets too serious and I get mad because it was a bait and switch of a comic premise and then suddenly super serious. The one thing I hope hope hope for is that it manages to say “forced abortions can be traumatic and horrible for the father too” without saying “forced abortions are equally traumatic and horrible for the father”


9 thoughts on “Trailer Round-Up! What All Did I Miss While I Was Sick????

  1. Yesterday I discovered this upcoming marathi movie:

    It both looks beautiful and terrible at the same time like mix of Umrao Jaan and indian tv serial.


  2. Yay! Glad you’re back!! 😀

    Here are some trailers!!

    New SRK movie! Yay!…but it’s with Rajkumar Hirani…nooooo….

    I will watch this so bad! Thar with Harsh and Anil. I just love how many different roles Harsh takes, because he could so easily be in mainstream films as the Hero, but goes for interesting and varied roles instead.


    • But I want Harsh as a hero in a mainstream movie. He should work more, do different roles and learn on set. He made 5 movies in 6 years, and one of them was a short segment and in other he played himself. So basically he hasn’t done a “normal” movie since 2018. I know he’s rich and doesn’t have to work but so is his cousin Arjun who made 10 movies in his first 6 years, and two of them were double roles.


  3. I do not see a review for Gungabai Kathiawadi. It realeased yesterday on Netflis. I have about 1.5 hours left and would love to see your take. Glad you are better.


  4. For my mother’s sake, I am obligated to see all Chiru movies first-day-first-show. Our cinema hasn’t announced showtimes for “Acharya” even though it’s theoretically releasing on Friday:


  5. ❗Upcoming dance movie ❗
    Dehati disco staring choreographers Ganesh Acharya and Remo D’souza among others. The normal scenes looks terrible but then they start dancing and suddenly it looks great.


  6. The only one of these I have any interest in is Jayeshbhai. Ranveer is so unrecognizable it’s scary, and I’m obsessed with the first song that dropped this week.

    Although I did skim through Heropanti 1 for the Tiger/Kriti bits and they are soooooo flirty and cute together even if the script is Not It.


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