Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Week I Fix My Front Yard???

Happy Wednesday! I have this huge backlog of personal chores that I am happily working through now that I am healthy. Got my bangs trimmed and went grocery shopping yesterday, today I already started my laundry and washed the kitchen floor. And this weekend, I start the front yard spring clean up!

I’ll start!

Reading: Will Smith is in India to work on himself and do yoga? This feels very random. I wonder if he will be going to parties with people? Maybe visiting Karan? Doing another movie cameo?

Watching: I am just cranking through Star Trek: The Next Generation! I’ve hit the good episodes now and it is really interesting. Tomorrow I am training an employee at my house again, which means I need to pick good movies to have on mute in the background as a fun distraction. Last time we did Baaghi, War, and Shivaay.

Thinking: I have a front yard plan! I’m gonna pick up all the random trash and sticks and stuff. And then rake it to loosen the soil and shake things up. And then plant clover! Because it’s supposed to be better in every way than grass. And final step, put in a quick cheap vinyl fence and see if it can keep Albie in. I think it will, he’s pretty dumb.

Now, question for you! What are good big dumb action films to show my employee/friend tomorrow? They have to be dumb because we will be pausing and muting and stuff since it is an actual work day.


28 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the Week I Fix My Front Yard???

  1. Oooh work movies. Obviously, I recommend A Gentleman and Bang Bang. I don’t think you have shown your co-worker either of them. Maybe Kaho Na Pyar Hai also? Has the coworker started to liking certain actors/actresses yet?


  2. I put up the last collection of Christopher Lee movie reviews. Very sad to have run out of new stuff but it was a fun year or so.

    I’ve been absolutely swamped with work and other stuff so have watched very little the past few weeks besides rewatching some Christopher Lee stuff and stupid TV. Soon I will have room in my brain to catch up on some stuff I hope.

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  3. This week I only watched Badhaai Do . It was sweet, sad and funny at the same time.. Rajkummar and Bhumi were great.

    Reading: I read Kabir Bedi’s autobiography. It’s interesting and very easy to read but also a little strange because being honest I learnt almost nothing about the man. He focuses on the people from his life and talks little about himself. There is a very long chapter about his first wife Protima Bedi (btw she was badass, first a model, then wife and mother and then one day she saw Odissi dance spectacle, fell in love with the dance, left kids with Kabir and went styding Odissi. She became a very good dancer and founded a dance school. After her son’s death she became sanyasin. That’s a kind of biopic I would watch!).
    Another chapter is about Parveen Babi, and the other about Kabir’s parents, who also were super badass. Did you know his mother was British, married his Indian father in London in the 30′, together they fought for India’s indipendency, known almost every important person (e.g Kabir was Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi childhood friend). Later his mother became the first western woman to take full ordination in Tibetan Buddhism. I loved her and her husband love story. Such a great couple.

    Listening: I absolutely obsessed with this song and very in love with the male character, but also with all this video. It’s like everything I always wanted in a movie condensed in one short cute video.


    • Of course I fell in love with this video. I realized only now it’s directed by Radhika Rao & Vinay Sapru ! The same pople who gave us Sanam Teri Kasam, and also directed Lut Gaye video with Emraan Hashmi, I loved so much and my other favourite – B Praak’s Besharam Bewaffa . I wish I were rich so I could shower this couple with money.


    • Yes!!! Kabir Bedi’s family is soo bad ass. Protima’s life and death would make an epic movie! And now I absolutely adore his granddaughter Alaiya Furniturewala! Have you seen Jawaani Jaaneman? It’s her first movie and she plays a young pregnant women who is trying to get to know her long lost father, Saif. Tabu plays her hippie mom. It’s such a lovely movie!


      • I haven’t seen Jawaani Jaaneman but I love Alaiya. I once saw one of her interviews and was like: I like this girl and what she is saying. Since then she is my favourite young star.


  4. I watched a bunch of random stuff last week.

    First, I saw Great Indian Kitchen! In the theater, sponsored by our Gender Equality Center. The acting is so good. I loved that it shows the hardship in an ordinary woman’s life. There’s been a ton of stuff about honor killings lately and while they are, obviously, really bad, it’s important to remember that you’re not in the clear if you don’t murder your children. This really, clearly, shows the drudgery of the woman’s life and how little her hard work is valued. It has an incredibly satisfying ending.

    Then I randomly (literally, used a random number generator to choose something off my Netflix list) watched Phantom. This is really good at keeping the suspense up, and fun to watch if you can reconcile it with the fact that it’s a revenge fantasy about the extra judicial killing of people who actually exist, albeit in fictionalized form. This completely squicked me out. Maybe a good one for you to watch at work though? Saif and Katrina look fantastic thoughout.

    Then I watched the first part of Eeb Allay Oo, which is truly funny in spots, but I seriously have a monkey issue. I live in a rural area where we have monkeys and they pop out and bite people. In my defense, Japanese macaques are huge and much bigger than the monkeys depicted here.


  5. Snakes – the Aamir Khan & Juhi snake woman movie. That is a good dumb movie. Next the Robin Hood remake with Madhuri and Anil Kapoor & that guy everyone says is a great actor who plays a double role. Or SRK’s Baadshah, or maybe Duplicate, or or or ZERO!

    I’m breaking the rules and reading even though my glasses aren’t here yet, because I’m SO BORED. I’m bored enough to clean, but it bothers spouse because then he (correctly) feels like he has to clean with me and he doesn’t want to. I was previously making necklaces while listening to books, but I don’t have enough necks, and I’m not a very good listener. Anytime anything with anxiety comes up I just turn it off and switch to a different book. I only have TWO Jane Austen books left! No anxiety in Austen.


    • My father would disagree with you! Nothing makes him more anxious than Jane Austen. He can’t STAND misunderstandings.

      Anyway, I recommend BBC radio plays of Agatha Christie. no stress, and always interesting enough to keep you listening just to find out who did it and how.


    • They missed Jean Arthur!!! No 1940s list is complete without her. Also Bette Grable. And in the 1950s, it’s obviously Doris Day.


  6. Made In Heaven 2 is not the only thing Prime is making. There will be many different series and movies with a lot of people we like. I’m disappointed that the only movie that looks like my cup of tea is this Kanagana production I will definitely skip.


    • I don’t know how the movie will be, but the music will be good for sure and there is action and this video that looks like copy pasted from 90′

      I’m curious which movie you’ll like more, because it looks like both have some problems


  7. The only thing I’ve watched this week was Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na which was sweet but not as amazing as everyone says it was. Some stuff at the end was weird.


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