Return of WatchAlong! Or Not? What Do You Think?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, I’m healthy! Which means I can sit upright and type my way through a whole watchalong, also yaaaaaaaaaaaay! But the question is, should I?

I do love the watchalongs, I really do. But only if other people can come! Kirre’s back at school, Genevieve’s head is sick, FilmiKudhi has a baby, just in general life is moving on post-pandemic. This is my life, of course, so I am still 100% up for watchalongs. And Shelomit and Erin Star have started joining in, so I want to keep going.

But I just want to check in, should we do a watchalong this week? If so, Saturday or Friday? Or should we consider switching to Sunday? What’s up with y’all?

If we do watch a movie, I’m sticking with the things that were mentioned as favorites in the comments on Wednesday!

So, Dog in Oh My Dog on Prime

Or, messing with the patriarchy, MCA (Middle-Class Abba) in which the hero spends most of his time cooking.


12 thoughts on “Return of WatchAlong! Or Not? What Do You Think?

  1. So, I love watchalongs and I try to make them work as best as I can. But, Husband and I are trying to exercise on Saturday and Sunday mornings (9-11 CT) so any mid day Saturday or Sunday might work best for us.


  2. I would love to participate more often in watchalongs but the timings are not very good for me. On Friday I too tired and fall asleep, and on Saturday, your mornings are my 2 p.m and I’m at my in laws house eating lunch. Sundays are good if the movie starts after my 3 pm. (8 am in Chicago)

    You can’t find better stay-at-home, cooking and cleaning husband than Dulquer in Hey Sinnamika. The movie is not perfect but has pretty, pretty DQ and very nice clothes and flat acting which is an advantage during watchalongs because you don’t miss nothing while commenting. Available on Netflix.

    I also recommend Paagal for one of the future watchalongs. There are no cooking guys or dogs but I wanted to suggest it for my birthday, because I’m really curious what y’all will think about it. A lot of people hate this film but I love it wholeheartedly.


  3. Ha, your midday Sunday will be just right for me, here it’ll be early evening. Just got back from Bank Holiday visit to father-in-law which was good but tiring so am resting again, most tedious. I’m altogether not a reliable presence at all atM, tests continue. I thinkits cardio this week!
    PS So glad you’re properly better, sorry to hear about Genevieve’s head though.


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