Sunday WatchAlong: Oh My Dog! At 11am Chicago Time! I Have No Idea If Anyone Will Show Up, But I Am Always Done for a Dog Movie!

Happy Sunday! I did soooooooooooooooo much yesterday. Cleared out the basement storage unit, did a big grocery shop, made a costume for my friend, returned a library book, bought seeds, just EVERYTHING. And now I feel achey and lazy and am very excited to sit at home and watch a movie with y’all.

Oh My Dog

It’s on Prime, it has a dog, I know basically nothing else.

At 11am Central time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment on this post and we will go from there!

217 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Oh My Dog! At 11am Chicago Time! I Have No Idea If Anyone Will Show Up, But I Am Always Done for a Dog Movie!

  1. Arun Vijay has this strange kind of beauty. When he is like he is in this movie he does nothing to me. But with messy hair and shirtless he becomes the sexiest man ever in my opinion. He can play sexy Superman , unrecognizable with his clothes on 😛

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  2. Sometimes when I have my period, Albie Dog lays on my tummy. Which is the same as saving someone from a heart attack.


  3. Okay, he will take money out of the Provident Fund for a stupid dog competition because the bratty kid has something to prove? But they won’t use the money for the house and education? Okay, now I think this has gone too far.

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  4. I am going to take this moment to recommend the book Suspect by Robert Crais. Our hero is a police officer with PTSD after his partner is shot, who is paired with a former army dog with PTSD after her trainer was killed in action. They have to solve the mystery together, and also form a Pack and recover from their mutual trauma. And there’s lots of good “dog perspective” narrative.


  5. I can’t get Albie Dog to roll over. It’s VERY HARD. That was kind of where we stopped our training. Sit and Wait and Paw and Down are good enough for us.


  6. The evil guy blinded the dog???? And the kid is still obsessed with this stupid competition instead of treating the dog????


  7. I like how this movie went from “every wants to just abandon and/or kill this dog” to “everyone is willing to lose everything else in their lives before the dog suffers one moment of unhappiness”

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  8. The dog next door looks like this dog. He is very friendly, but also very very loud. Gets yappy barking as soon as we set foot in the shared gangway.


  9. I think this whole plot point would have worked much better if they’d left Simba blind. Right? Have him be all trained and stuff without getting hte operation.

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    • Yes. The operation thing is ridiculous if the dog becomes blind again at the end of the movie. And if the dog getting eyesight was so important to the kid then the competition plot should have never happened or should have stopped when the dog got hurt.


  10. I’m still a bit confused. That operation that they brought an international specialist for all went down the drain? The dog is blind again?


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