Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While God Prepares My Lawn!

Happy Saturday! Great news! It’s supposed to be super stormy all day today! And cleverly, I raked and mowed the front lawn yesterday. So now God will do the watering and stuff for me, and tomorrow I can plant my nice seeds. But here’s the problem: I don’t have the seeds yet. I want to do clover seeds which are all natural and easy to maintain and bees like them and stuff. But I haven’t had any luck finding them. So today, while God prepares the ground, I will drive around to garden centers looking for clover seeds for lawns. FUN!

Things to talk about!

First, google is celebrating Route 66 today!!!! Which is always slightly weird to me because I grew up on Route 66. As in, I drove on it to go back and forth to the grocery store. And church and sometimes classes at the community college. It’s just, like, The Big Street that went through our town. And also, since one of our grandparents lived in St. Louis and the other in Chicago, we drove the highway version of Route 66 about 8 times a year. Anyway, it’s a nice song. Does anyone else have any strong Route 66 memories/connections?

What do we think of Sonam’s pregnancy photo shoot? Honestly, I kind of love it!!!! It has a very “women have always been pregnant and always will be pregnant” feel to me. Like, it’s normalizing this kind of body change, while still looking beautiful. But you can hate it, that’s okay.

Are we pro or anti Hrithik’s “I am smart” look?

And finally, Lal Sing Chaddha promos have started! I’m still not super thrilled about the movie itself, but I do love watching Aamir’s incredibly imaginative promo ideas. For this one, he released an instagram filter!

And also, a song audio with no visuals, which gets people talking right away just because it is such a different decision.


13 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While God Prepares My Lawn!

  1. I watched Gangubai and I finished it and was like that was it? It was definitely Bhansali’s most enjoyable film but other than that I felt it was so average. Also I feel Alia’s performance was very overhyped, it felt very aware that she was acting and that she was not a lower class prostitute. Also some of the arguments in the movie are so sexist, it almost made me want to stop.

    I’m excited for Laal Singh Chaddha as it’s obvious there’s a reason why Aamir was so active suddenly after vanishing for so long. Also do you know his son is set to debut in a movie.

    I don’t know how I feel as I always thought that Aamir’s children won’t be in the public eye that much compared to Suhana and Aryan. Also Aamir and Kirron seemed to move in different circles then the rest of Bollywood. More artsy.


    • Aamir’s been talking about Junaid acting for years and years. To the point where I’m a little worried about how long this has taken. Like, you don’t usually say “my not-that-famous child is planning to be an actor” until you have the debut lined up. Has he had a hard time getting someone to take Junaid on? Or is it just the Aamir Perfectionism where he wanted the perfect debut?


      • I have a feeling it’s the perfection part. If Sunil Shetty’s son and other random kids have got a debut, there’s no way someone as rich and powerful as Aamir can’t get a debut for a son. In India you just need money as I remember reading of some random billionaire who was going to debut in a 500 cr movie with Urvashi Rautela. Also Junaid has something charming of him from whatever photos I’ve seen of him so I don’t feel like he can’t get a debut


  2. I think Sonam looks beautiful. I can’t buy Hrithik as smart and Angie’s right that Maddy does it better. Hrithik can stick to the post shower or the family pics, his core appeal.

    My only Route 66 memory is singing the song in high school a capella jazz choir.

    It’s a beautiful Saturday here, the sun is out and there are flowers everywhere. It has me thinking about summer. Do you have any fun plans for summer?


    • I’m mostly excited for enjoying our house in summer! We moved in the middle of last summer and it was horrible and hot and everything was a disaster. This year, I’m eager to see what it’s like when we aren’t unpacking boxes and trying to paint in the heat, and instead just living.


      • That sounds lovely. I’m similarly hoping to stay home most of the summer – after two years spending it away – and hang out with our friends, maybe take the occasional weekend beach trip.


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