Sunday Small Talk: Chat Away on Mother’s Day!!!!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! I think my readers are about 75% mothers, so give yourselves a hand!!!! And, if you want, share cute kid stories here. We won’t be bored.

Things to talk about!

I’m not a Mom, but I want to tell stories about my nephew. He is talking to me now on the phone. That is, he is saying “Hey Auntie! Hey Auntie! Hey Auntie!” and then I say “YES!” and then he tells me a long and unintelligible story, and when he finishes I say “Oh my!” and then he runs away until he remembers another thing he wants to tell me.

My nephew is going to have a baby brother in a few months and his little brain is trying to process this. He’s doing a lot of talking to Baby Brother in Mommy’s Tummy. For instance, “Hey Baby Brother! Do you want to watch ‘Lungi Dance’?” He also told my sister one time that she has HIS baby brother in HER tummy, and he has HER baby brother in HIS tummy. And of course, he is requiring extra cuddles and kisses for all his toy trucks at bedtime because they (the trucks) are upset because there is going to be a new baby truck. Anyway, I got him a balance bike so he won’t feel too bad about no longer being the baby. Big Boys can have fun too, right?

Things Moms might like

Hrithik has a new ad video with crowsfeet and a beard and slight dancing

And finally, a song for Mothers!!!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Small Talk: Chat Away on Mother’s Day!!!!

  1. Hrithik. Respect the time in the gym, could have done with a little less beard and a little more dancing. Do you think he’s coloring his beard?

    I have no cute kid stories for today. My 8yo left early to play soccer and the 12yo declined to get up off the couch to make me coffee or fix us breakfast. On the other hand, I got to do the stuff I wanted, including having friends over and ordering in lunch, so a perfectly fine Mother’s Day. Maybe my kids are just not cute anymore!


    • Oh dear, is the 12 year old a teenager a year early?

      And i think he might be coloring his hair. It’s just too uniform.


  2. Your nephew’s stories make me smile, thanks for sharing!! All the best to all of you for the new little one coming up! (Also, a balance bike seems a great way to help him balance everything he’s going to handle in the coming months)

    My four month old smiles a lot at me (and everyone) now and he makes these brrr noises that involve a lot of spitting. It’s cute to watch but not so cute when I type it out! I’m having to start work and travel in a couple of weeks — it’s only for a week but a small and silly part of me wonders if he’s going to recognize me when I’m back… And in the off chance that he doesn’t, how I ought to mentally prepare to laugh it out and squeeze him sooooo tight 🙂

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    • I hadn’t thought about the balance bike as a metaphor! That’s brilliant, it’s the perfect gift, i am so proud of myself.

      Of course your baby will recognize you, but just in case, can you give him candy? Albie Dog always loves me more when i have treats.


    • Saira – I had to travel last month. It was my first time leaving the baby and I was so worried that he wouldn’t recognize me. But he did and it was great! He gave me the biggest baby smiles when I came back. Traveling is definitely hard but you will do great! I am sure you already have everything covered but if I can help in any way or answer any questions, please let me know.

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      • filmikudhi!! Thank you, I grinned so hard reading your note. I suppose you already know this but it’s sooooo reassuring to hear that there’s someone out there who did something similar and came out perfectly well. And you traveled when the baby was even younger!! Here I was thinking I’m the only mum around me doing this… So, thank you, for traveling, ha! And sharing! <3… I'm happier now and more secure.

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