Shelomit’s Shashi Post! Shashi BRACKETS!!!

Yep, sticking with brackets, even though you might be sick of them. I think they are fun! Anyway, anything with Shashi is fun.

Bracket 1

Ascot Shashi

Polka Dot Shashi

Bracket 2

Almost Kiss Shashi

Real Kiss Shashi

Bracket 3

Shashi with Babies

Shashi with Adults

Bracket 4

Shashi in Formal

Shashi in Casual

Bracket 5

Shashi with Beer

Shashi with Wine

Bracket 6

Shashi in Western

Shashi in Indian

Bracket 7

Shashi with Pipe

Shashi with Cigarette

Bracket 8

Shashi in Drag

Shashi in Old Age Make-Up

Good luck to you all! Take as long as you need on this difficult decisions!

8 thoughts on “Shelomit’s Shashi Post! Shashi BRACKETS!!!

  1. Ascot, I think;
    Almost-kiss (though there’s a different “Pretty Polly” kiss for which I would happily vote!);
    My heart says “babies” but then I would feel bad for excluding Jennifer and Sanjana, so I guess I’ll vote “adults” on principle;
    Both very lovely, but formal for the sake of smiles;
    Choriiiiiiii mera kaaaaaam, yaaron;
    Very hard choice. Cigarette?;
    Grey at the temples = Shashi’s ideal form.


  2. Ascot Shashi
    Real kiss
    Shashi with adults
    Casual Shashi (he looks so relaxed and friendly-dad-on-holiday!)
    Shashi with wine (he looks unhappy with the beer!)
    Old age make-up

    I love the brackets, incidentally. Great advert for democracy!


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