Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Read Anne Books!

Happy Saturday! It’s pleasanter, but still hot here. And I have decided I MUST finish Anne of Green Gables today. Even though i could easily discuss it with y’all tomorrow without rereading, because it gives me an excuse to just read and be cool.

Things to talk about!

The one productive thing I am doing today is installing a/cs. Every year I think “I shouldn’t need this, in olden times people were fine”. But i think in olden times it was more acceptable to sleep outside? Like, on porches or apartment roofs? What is your knowledge or pre-ac life?

It’s Madhuri’s birthday tomorrow! What is your favorite Madhuri movie???? Or song? Or both?

Favorite movie for me varies day by day, but maybe Tezaab right now?

Favorite song, i think “Aaj Ko”


7 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Read Anne Books!

  1. SRK posted a photo of Suhana in costume for a Netflix show? On FB. I don’t have access to a computer right so links and such are hard for me at this second, but someone must know more about this than me!


    • Huh! Well, I trust Zoya always with anything, so I am sure it will be wonderful. So far as the Suhana casting, ignoring who her father is and all that, I think this is a GREAT starting role for a young woman with an acting degree from NYU. She gets to work with a very professional experienced director who tends to draw out more western performances than Indian. Less over-emoting and monologues and broad humor, more dialogue scenes and interacting and close ups.

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      • In Zoya we trust! Ever since I heard of this, I’ve been curious what about the Archies interested her. Also find it hilarious that when the industry is getting so much pushback regarding nepotism, she’s launching not one but three starkids!

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