Sunday WatchAlong: 11am Chicago Time Sunday! Tezaab!!!!

Yes! Tezaab! For Madhuri’s BIRTHDAY!!!! It’s fun, it’s silly, it has truly GREAT songs, Anil’s hair is high and poofy, and young Madhuri is breathtaking. Also, Chunky Panday, no joke, steals the movie. He is truly phenomenal in this role, and it makes me respect him more for having this much talent, and being willing to just sit back and work hard and take whatever job he is offered to support his family.


It’s no where consistent, might be on Prime in your country (it’s not in mine), is definitely on youtube with subs, and of course einthusan. So I expect we will all be a few minutes off from each other, oh well. Especially with youtube ads that might pop up. Doesn’t matter, still a great movie!!!! The link below should take you to a youtube version with subs, you can use that or whatever else you prefer. I may go old-school and actually use my physical DVD.

At 11am Chicago time on Sunday, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and then we will all comment along from there. FOR MADHURI!!!!

8 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: 11am Chicago Time Sunday! Tezaab!!!!

  1. This is going to sound weird but Tezaab might actually be some what normal compared to the weird rabbit hole of bonkers Madhuri movie that I have been watching. I just watched Vardi and most of the movie was fine. But, the Madhuri-Jackie Shroff love story is WEEEEEIRD!!!! He is drunk and hallucinating that Madhuri is the woman he is in love with. He and Madhuri are making out and about to have sex. Right before they have sex, Madhuri realizes that Jackie thinks she is someone else so she pushes him away but then proceeds to have sex with him while he calls her a different name. Then the next morning she tells him that he needed companionship and if her body could provide that then it was worth it and then Jackie uses her broken bangle to put sindoor on her. SO SO SO BONKERS!!!!! What am I watching these days?!?!?!?


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