Important Cannes Festival Discussion Question! Is Maddy Pulling This Tux Off?

Thank you Angie for being our Maddy co-respondent!!!! And now I have a vital question I cannot answer on my own.

Maddy is in at Cannes with “Rocketry: the Nambi Effect”. Which on DCIB is known as “the Rocket Santa Movie”. Anyway, he’s been trying to get this film off the ground (Ha!) for years, in the course of which he has been in some pretty bad movies to raise funds, and sucked up a bit to the government to sneak it past censorship. Finally, he got it in Cannes which might pressure India to release it for real (or not, there are some successful Cannes Indian films which still languished for years before getting an Indian distributor).

But forget all of that! What do we think about his red carpet look?

Oh and bonus, Aish in a pink pantsuit. I think….I don’t like it? Love the color, but I want it to be a bit more fitted.

Anyway, Dips wins all!

Oh, and Tammanah looks pretty good too

Oh! And minutes after I put up this post! First Aish red carpet look! She does bring the crazy a bit. But I like it. I mean, I don’t like the look. But I like it when she goes crazy on the red carpet.


8 thoughts on “Important Cannes Festival Discussion Question! Is Maddy Pulling This Tux Off?

  1. “Is Maddy Pulling This Tux Off?” Well, if he isn’t, I’d happily pull it off for him. He really is getting hotter with age.
    And Dips is channeling Cleopatra – gorgeous and exotic.

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      • Plus that pantsuit is just perfect! Love its flirty ’70s inspired lapels, bells, and jacket skirt (not sure what the bottom cut of the of the jacket is called). So hip, cool, and confident!


  2. I don’t like the shiny lapel but otherwise Maddy pulls it off. Deepika’s look is stunning but that sari looks cheap to me. Love Ash’s red carpet dress!


  3. 1. Maddy looks great.
    2. Aish’s baggy 80s suit is awesome especially next to the lime green friend
    3. Dips is going 70s and I feel more 80s right now so I’m not impressed.
    4. I don’t know who Tammanah is so I could care less about boring black and white dresses
    5. I appreciate those who keep the red carpet interesting.


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