Sunday WatchAlong: What Should We Watch for Aditya and Mohanlal’s Birthday???

This Weekend! Double Birthday! We can pick a movie in honor of either of them. But it has to be fairly accessible, and SUBTITLED. Remember, Hulu has no subs, so that’s like 95% of the Mohanlal options.

For Aditya, the stupid lazy bum hasn’t given us many options. DDLJ, Mohabbattein, Rab Ne, Befikre. Or we can expand to films he has produced, which means BASICALLY EVERYTHING.

For Mohanlal, HAS to be the Sunil Shetty co-starring epic fights and boats historical film. Marakkar Arabiya Samudhra Simham, 3 hours, big battle scenes, all kinds of stuff!

For Adi, I don’t know, Thugs of Hindostan? Sort similar to the Mohanlal movie, keeping the boat theme.


8 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: What Should We Watch for Aditya and Mohanlal’s Birthday???

  1. I think I can’t join this week. My son’s school theatre grup has their first show on Sunday. The problem is that he got sick yesterday, and is now in bed with fever, sore throat and almost no voice. He has been preparing for this show since December and now this.


  2. I can only do the first hour because I’m organizing a multi-family kid hike, because I wanted to go on a hike and the only way I can do it with my kids now is if I get other families involved.


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