WatchAlong: RRR! Sunday at Noon Chicago Time! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

This is wonderful! After no one being able to make it last week, everyone can make it this week! To the point that I am overwhelmed by scheduling options, and I just picked selfishly.

For the weekend, everyone is abandoning me! The Upstairs People are out of town and so are my parents. So instead of being lonely and depressed, I am going to watch RRR with y’all!!!!

RRR, on Netflix (and probably einthusan), at noon Chicago time on Sunday I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and then we can all comment along together from there. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! It’s just SUCH an amazing movie.


9 thoughts on “WatchAlong: RRR! Sunday at Noon Chicago Time! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

  1. I know I’m not a regular watchalong person anymore, but I totally would try to make this one if I wasn’t going to a wedding on Sunday. Booooo. Have fun!!


  2. I’ll be camping with my sisters family in Kings Canyon – 65 miles away, but 390 miles by road. Hopefully we’ll have so much fun she will no longer regret moving to California. I look forward to watching RRR some weekday upon my return, and reading all your witty comments. Happy Memorial Day – or in my neck of the woods, Mule Days! (My son is missing his band’s participation in the largest non-motorized parade in the U.S for this camping trip)

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  3. I watched it today because I thought that watching for the first time, reading subs and commenting would be too much (especially with Rajamouli movie). I will not participate today, but it’s not a big loss for the watchalong because the only thing I would wite would be: Isn’t Ram Charan the handsomest man alive? So beautiful. I always knew he is handsome but in Rajamouli’s camera he is irrestibile.

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