Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Kill Plants!

Happy Saturday! I am SO EXCITED about this 3 day weekend! By the end of the weekend, I’m going to have the front yard under control, and my homemade fence in place.

Things to talk about!

Karan’s Birthday Party! Finally an old school fun event!

My first impressions:

  1. Kajol’s dress makes no sense and I hate it
  2. Ibrahim now looks more like my mental image of “Saif Ali Khan” than his father, the real Saif Ali Khan, does.
  3. There is a small part of my brain that things Hrithik looks more like a father bringing his daughter than a man bringing his girlfriend. But a large part of my brain that things Hrithik looks amazing.

Oh, and of course, SRK was there dancing like crazy. He does like to party when he gets his party on!


18 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Kill Plants!

  1. After a long time, I passed more than an hour to look at all the photos and videos I met on the Net and – honestly – I only smiled when I got to see ShahRukh…dancing and also celebrating (?) the 20th anniversary of HumTumhareHainSanam on a selfie taken by Madhuris husband with Madhuri and Salman.
    I also looked at AbRam*s birthday pics and was (still am) extra happy that this day the news came that Aryan now very official got a clean sheet because of “no evidence”. Still he did not seem to like to be on that party…


  2. Kajol dress is hideous, but I think I hate Aish’s outfit more – this jacket looks bad and is unnecessary. Anaya overdo – she looks like she is on Oscars, girl it’s not even your birthday, you don’t have to shine here.

    I love Anushka, Ranveer, Shahid’s wife and Sara’s outfits. Jhanvi’s dress is nice but doesn’t fit her well. I also like Kiran Rao’s dress. She understood the theme, chose a sparkling dress, but it’s still her and her style. Good job. But btw wasn’t she divorcing Aamir? I can swear I read the announcement few months ago.


  3. LAAL SINGH CHADDHA trailer!! I am not too attached to the original Forrest Gump, so I might just like this better. Even if it is a near remake of the original, but with a different context, it still seems much more interesting. And wow is the cinematography spectacular!!


  4. Is the theme bling? Not surprising as it’s Karan. It always gives me a kick to see celebs partying to the same songs that we do! This party reminds me of Sonam’s wedding, everyone genuinely letting loose and having fun.


  5. Ibrahim certainly got the Tagore cheekbones.

    I like that Anushka’s kind of low key, but the dress puzzles me.

    Kareena’s dress kind of looks like it has an elastic waste.

    Aw, Aamir and Kiran amicably going to a party together, and I love her whole look!

    Is that Varun’s wife with him? So cute they match!


    • No, it’s Varun and Kiara his friend/co-star. Which I find delightful! Varun’s wife always looks miserable in public photos, why not come with your friend-co-star instead? Men and women can be friends! And go to parties together!!!

      On Mon, May 30, 2022 at 4:24 AM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



      • Yes, I think that’s delightful also. Let the wife stay home and put her feet up!

        Also Riteish and Genelia! I feel like it’s been ages since I saw them! Also cute!


  6. Initial thoughts:
    1) My favorite is Jahnvi and my least favorite is Aishwarya
    2) Every time Bollywood comes up with one of my students, she goes on and on about how much Ibrahim and Sara look like their parents, which is terrifying, but now I can’t look at pictures of them together without this high pitched 14 year old’s voice in my head screaming at me about them.
    3) I can’t tell if Kareena’s dress is too young for her or if the style is just outdated.
    4) Ranveer, stop


    • HA! When my sister was in college, I visited her once and the dorm movie night was Princess Diaries. And some very cynical voice at some point announced “I had a friend who went to college with Anne Hathaway and said she was a total Sorotute”. And now that’s all I can think of when I see Anne Hathaway, this bored too-cool-for-school teen girl voice saying “sorotute”.

      On Mon, May 30, 2022 at 3:41 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



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