Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Vijay Raaz’s Birthday???

Happy Monday! Well, happy for you, not me. Not unhappy for me, just exhausted. Between the yards of the house-house, and the summer opening of the lake house, I worked flat out in a variety of ways all of last week (just some random examples, last Sunday I hung curtain rods, this Thursday I carried a large dollhouse down from the attic, and on Saturday I dropped a paving stone on my finger). My eyes hurt, my back hurts, and I don’t want to move. I think next weekend I will officially give myself time off and not do ANYTHING.

Here is where you get to ask me anything from “how is your mashed finger?” to “what is your favorite gossip story of all time from Indian film?” Anything you want, just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions.

Now, question for you! Between Vijay Raaz, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Naseeruddin Shah, who do you find sexiest???

Young Naseerji. King of them All, easily.


12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Vijay Raaz’s Birthday???

  1. How is your finger? I hope well.

    Rajamouli movies – where in the list you place RRR? People praise it a lot, but I think it’s not my favourite Rajamouli movie, and not even the second fav.


    • My finger is disappointingly healing. It had a very impressive big blue bruise for about 10 hours, but now it is rapidly disappearing.

      I love this Rajamouli question! I may borrow it for a discussion post. I think I would place RRR slightly behind Magadheera in my list. It’s a better plot and better made film, but it doesn’t have as much heart as Magadheera. And obviously, B1 and B2 and Eega are at the top of EVERYTHING.

      On Mon, Jun 6, 2022 at 9:40 AM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



  2. Naz, Nawaz, and Vijay are all are versatile, talented actors but I don’t find them sexy. Vijay however can PLAY sexy.

    I don’t know you personally Margaret, but I can tell from this blog that you’re somewhat driven. I can advise restraint, but finger-mash aside, I don’t think it’s in you unless you’re forced to slow down.

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    • I think I will try being the BEST at relaxing. Planning it out and doing it really really well and committed. Like it’s a personal challenge. That seems like a good mind trick, right?

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  3. Naseer Ji for sure. Honestly I don’t find anyway of them sexy so I just choose who according to me is the sexiest.

    I rewatched the Pride and Prejudice 2005 film and really liked it. I think when I first saw it, it was hard for me to appreciate the film as I was firmly in the opinion that the BBC version is the superior version. However now watching it older and (somewhat) wise, I really appreciated the film. Like Keira Knightley’s expression when Darcy says she’s tolerable or Darcy’s change in behaviour. It all made so much sense.

    I also read your writeup on it and completely agree on the sex part of the book. I feel like in the BBC version that’s the reason why they added the lake scene, to show that they’re equally matched in their desires for each other. As in that version, I would say that’s the moment she started considering him as a suitor. However in this version, I feel the romance is done better as you can really feel them falling in love with each other. I also really liked the way the family dynamic in this one too. You can understand that subtle frustration. Overall a lovely rewatching!

    So I wanted to ask you what is your favourite Austen adaptation and favourite Austen Book?


    • I am so glad you rewatched and enjoyed the 2005 P and P! I can’t remember what I said in my review, but I know the first time I watched it I enjoyed it as a movie but thought of it as a flawed adaptation. On later watches, I really appreciated the different take on the relationship.

      Favorite Austen adaptation and book, Sense and Sensibility and Sense and Sensibility!!!!


      • I also had a similar reaction on the 2005 version when I first watched it, I enjoyed but felt it was a separate entity to the book. In your old review you talked a lot about how these are very young people with raging hormones and for me that definitely made lots more sense when viewing darcy’s proposal. Roger Erbert in his review of the movie talks about how they both instantly are attracted to each other but are afraid to admit it. That also makes so much sense, as all Elizabeth seems to talk about is Mr Darcy this and Mr Darcy that even though their interactions are scarce and not full of much conversation. Combined with the fact that both are trying to repress themselves so much it makes sense why they don’t want to admit their attraction to each other. I hope you can do a film club post on this movie as I love it so much and would love to see others thoughts.

        I have never read Sense and Sensibility but have watched the movie. I feel like I should read and rewatch the movie as right now I feel like I’m on a Austen kick. I did love Kandukondain Kandukondain a lot though so I think I need to rewatch the Alan Rickman one as I remember being super confused when I watched it.


        • Sense and Sensibility has a bit of a slow start, I had to read the first two chapters out loud to keep attention, but after that it just flooooooooows. And the Alan Rickman one is amazing, and also I love that we all think of it as the Alan Rickman movie even though he is, like, the 4th lead. He stills the movie.


  4. Due to my unabashed love for him, I have to go with Vijay Raaz. All three are fabulous actors but Vijay is head and shoulders above the other 2. At over 6 feet tall, literally head and shoulders.


  5. I just finished watching Magadheera over the course of the week (because I can only watch something 20 minutes at a time these days) and it was sooo good. It felt like a combination of Raabta and Jodha Akbar. I didn’t know if I would be a fan of Ram Charan with long hair in it but I got around to it as long as he got rid of the man bun he had at the beginning of the movie.

    Okay, so now I am on a Ram Charan kick and going to watch Naayak this week/weekend.


      • I didn’t mind Kajal so much but I can see what you mean. She kind of had the same type of role that Shraddha had in Saaho. Oh! And now I fully understand Kirre’s statement about Raajmouli! He consistently shows the heroes defying the laws of physics! Thank you all for the recommendation! It was so much fun!


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