Sunday (or Saturday or Friday) WatchAlong: Atlee! For SRK’s New Movie! Mersal or Bigil?

SRK’s new movie will be directed by Atlee, a Tamil director who does great complicated fun action movies. I’ve seen three of his, and the two most recent are easily available and SUPER fun and both have Rahman scores. So we just need to choose between those two for our Sunday watch! And also decide what day to do the watch this week, for once my weekend is pretty open.


Truly insanely complicated plot, 3 heroines, 3 heroes all played by the same actor (triple role!) and a banging Rahman score. But the plot is about medical reform? I don’t know how much we can enjoy a medical reform plot. And only one of the 3 heroines really makes an impact, the other two are kind of dumb.


Easier to follow plot, double role and only one heroine, another Rahman score but not quite as good. On the other hand, the heroine is REALLY strong, and played by the actress rumored to be opposite SRK. And Jackie Shroff is naked for a bit, which I know some of you appreciate. And the plot is about female athletes, we always enjoy female athlete plots.

Also, this week, is Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon better for people?


9 thoughts on “Sunday (or Saturday or Friday) WatchAlong: Atlee! For SRK’s New Movie! Mersal or Bigil?

  1. Last day of school is Friday and Saturday we head to the Bay so I can visit my bestie visiting from AK. So while I am super excited for a watch-a-long, I have no idea if or when I could attend and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed it works out whenever it is.


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