Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Try to Make Myself Do Nothing!

Happy Saturday! Ugh! My back hurts and my knee hurts and one part of me just really really wants to sit on the couch and do nothing. But another part of me really really wants to go buy more mulch and fun things like that.

Things to talk about!

You know how you are placing a grocery order for pick up? And you can’t figure out if the quantity means the individual bananas or the bunch? And then this happens?

Anyway, give me banana recipes! If nothing else, I can peel and slice and freeze them, right?

Other things to talk about, Judy Garland! Her 100th birthday was yesterday, tell me what is your favorite Judy song and/or film?

For me, favorite Judy movie is Meet Me in St. Louis, she is just so joyful and beautiful and it’s such a happy movie.

And favorite song, “The Man that Got Away”. It’s just perfect for her voice, all those big highs and big lows.

And final thing to think about, what does Harsh think when he posts stuff like this? Is there a deeper meaning I am missing? Or is he just proud of his little outfit?

Oh oh! One other! Does this post mean Hrithik will never have a beard again? Can we survive?


21 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Try to Make Myself Do Nothing!

  1. I’m also partial to Meet Me in St Louis, although my actual favourite is The Wizard of Oz.

    Favourite song has to be Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, it’s just heartbreaking, absolutely shattering. Ugh I love her. Imagine if she’d lived as long as Christopher Lee (also 100), what a world.


  2. I once ordered some 2 kg of brown sugar. That was not that bad as I used brown sugar for everything. So here are some banana recipes would be Bannofee pie, banana+chocolate combinations are common, smoothies use bananas often and obviously banana bread.

    It’s such a shame that I don’t know much about Judy as she is more known for me as the girl from wizard of oz. I really should start watching her movies but I somehow don’t really love musicals. Judy is best when she’s singing.

    I somehow don’t feel like Harsh though anything than to show his outfit. Also the outfit is kind of ugly, I hate designs that are put over your crotch.

    I think Hrithik will get his beard again as most actors chin starts getting weak so a beard makes them look younger.


  3. Bananas are good for smoothies, or to eat with yogurt and granola. And for ice cream splits! Or you can fry them as a side dish.

    We’re excited about Ms. Marvel here but haven’t started watching it yet. In the meantime, there’s lots of Jersey City love, like these adorable interviews at the real life high school the one in the graphic novel is based on.

    Also found out yesterday that an actress in the show, Nimra Bucha, graduated from my college (which is very small, so that was unexpected!). She was also in Ho Mann Jahaan, the Mahira Khan movie I liked but haven’t yet convinced you to watch. Cool stuff I never would have learned if she hadn’t been cast in an American production.

    I think Harsh was going for sexy but the pink graffiti is distracting. I am sad about Hrithik ‘s beard. He still has his movie star chin to fall back on though.


  4. 5 minutes into Jayeshbhai Jordaar and I already know why this film bombed. It’s SOOOO depressing! I mean, I saw the trailer and I knew what it’s about but I didn’t expect all this darkness from the first minutes of the film. Ranveer’s style and funny look made me think it will be somehow light, but no. At least not in the beginning (and I really don’t think it will get any lighter). F*** Patriarchy


  5. When I get too many bananas, I mash and salt them and mix with enough flour and milk to make a stiff dough. Then I portion them out into half-cups, wrap each bit in aluminum foil, and freeze them. To eat them, I pop one out of the freezer the night before, make it into two or three balls, flatten them to an eight-inch or so, and cook them on a dry comal. They’re pretty delicate, but not bad. If you add enough a high proportion of milk you can make them puff over a flame, or put in a little baking powder as a short-cut.


      • LMAO, I make eysh (plain flatbread) every day, so a different kind of flatbread doesn’t seem like that much more work ( ; But I get that it would feel elaborate if that’s not a thing you ordinarily cook. Hope your banana bread turned out well.


          • The basic kind we eat every day is a bowlful of flour, pinch of salt, and splash of oil. You mix in hot water until it comes together, then knead it with more and more water until it can’t possibly hold anymore. Then I let it sit under plastic wrap or a wet towel for thirty minutes or an hour. Pull off ping-pong-sized balls and roll them out. You can either make them as thin as possible if you want delicate breads, or roll them to more like 2-3 mm and puff them. You can either roll them using flour or oil; if you use oil, they will be more flexible. I usually cook them on the comal, but if I’m being lazy and haven’t washed it I use a cast-iron skillet and they do just fine. You get the pan very hot. With the very thin ones, you only have to cook them on one side. If you like them puffed, you can cook one side about halfway and then grab it with tongs, flip it over, and cook the other side over the flame. Back when I had a gas stove, I used to have two burners running at once–one for the comal and one for puffing. Now I have to put the comal on an electric burner and puff them over a candle ( ; Once they’re cooked, you’ll want to spread a little butter or oil on them to keep them soft. A very nice treat is to then dust one side with wheat germ. I wrap the breads up in a towel and they stay good all day.

            Sorry this isn’t any more specific. . . it’s not the kind of thing I use measurements for. I’d be happy to troubleshoot if you’ve been having some specific problem. We use the same basic dough (with less water content) for noodles, dumpling wrappers, etc.


          • That’s okay, I think the problem isn’t the amounts in my recipes which seem fine. I think letting it rest will help, will see if that solves my problem. Another problem is flour and oil burning if you get the pan really hot and you make a bunch of them in a row, but maybe the solution to that is to roll them thinner so it takes less long.


          • If you roll them in flower, it helps to kind of pat any loose flower off before you cook them. Usually some of it absorbs into the breads while they’re sitting in a pile waiting to be cooked, but if there’s some left loose it will burn because it cooks so much faster than the main part of the bread. They shouldn’t have any loose oil on them at the time they’re cooked. If it hasn’t absorbed into the surface, give them a lil pat with a towel. Certainly I would never roll a flatbread thicker than 3mm unless it’s either yeasted or stuffed with something.

            It helps to be able to shift the heat up before you put the bread on the pan and then down as it’s cooking, but if you have an electric range that’s hard to manage : /

            Good luck!


          • Oh, you turn it down while it’s cooking like a pancake? That’s good to know. Anyway, thanks for all the tips, if I have any further news or questions I will get back to you!


          • Yep, when I have a gas stove I heat the pan up just before I’m cooking it and then turn it down after the dough actually goes on. With the electric one I have now, I just kind of have to run it on medium-high the whole time : P If you’re cooking thin ones, you can get away with high heat the whole time–hot enough that you see the “off” side starting to change color and cook through as soon as you put the first side down on the pan. Working in plenty of water helps keep them from burning so quickly, too.


          • Also, I feel daft for forgetting how to spell “flour” earlier today ; P That’s what I get for movie-watching and recipe-typing at the same time.


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