Aashiqui 2: A Star is Born With the Brilliance of Judy Garland Onscreen Replaced With the Brilliance of Mahesh Bhatt Offscreen

This is NOT a good movie.  But it is an amusing movie!  It wasn’t like the “wait for death” viewing experience of Azhar, or the “I am so angry I can’t function” experience of Ki & Ka.  It was a fun watch and if I had been about 20 years younger, I may have loved it.

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Happy Day After Thanksgiving/Start of Christmas!!!

I looooooooooooooove Christmas!  I have 8 Christmas trees, 1,000 Christmas carols on my ipod, and I spend about a month’s income every year on presents and other sundries (like more Christmas trees).  And so, for this very very special occasion, I am going to do a songs post that is NOT Indian!!!!  Although, don’t worry, there is an Indian one going up later today too.

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