Sunday WatchAlong: What Time/Day this Week??? And What Happy Over the Top Cheerful Movie Ridiculous Movie?

Well, the week is still super hot, and we need an electrician along with a plumber now, and our internet is going in and out constantly, and it’s all just very difficult. So, watchalong this week, only if we can think of something as happy and wondrous and wonderful as RRR. But not RRR, because we just watched that.


It’s so stupid, And there’s mountain climbing.


Super hard to find (with subs, in good quality, same length so we can watch along), but wonderful once you find it

Something Else

An Allu Arjun movie? Or something stupid I don’t know about? I don’t know, I am just so hot and stressed and frustrated with having to start this post THREE TIMES because the internet keeps glitching.


12 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: What Time/Day this Week??? And What Happy Over the Top Cheerful Movie Ridiculous Movie?

  1. I’m not going to be part of this watch along but I feel like Arya 2 would be perfect. It’s just so joyful and wacky. I think it’s available on einthusan with subtitles.


  2. I just watched Magadeera (thank you all again for your recommendations!), so I would probably skip that. And I just don’t think I can do Shivaay again so soon after I watched it last time.

    Is it time for Chori Chori (2003)??? It’s on Einthusan with subtitles. It’s so fun and happy!!!! Shelomit, back me up here, especially if you plan to join!!!
    We also haven’t done an old dual hero movie in a while. Hera Pheri? SOOO gay, so fun! or Amar Akbar Anthony – one of my absolute favorite movies with such great songs. Both are available on Shemaroo with subtitles. AAA you have to rent for $.99 and HP is free.


  3. I mean, you sold me on Shivaay with ‘It’s so stupid.’ but either Chori Chori or Amar Akbar Anthony sound great. I haven’t seen AAA and it was sooooo long ago that I saw Chori Chori I don’t even remember.
    As for day, I am freer than usual this weekend and could manage almost any time. 😀

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  4. I won’t be around–my girlfriend’s grandfather’s funeral is this weekend, so I’m going back to Kentucky to be with her for a while. But I will ABSOLUTELY confirm the good times vibes of the Rani-Ajay “Chori Chori.”

    For something with “Hera Pheri” vibes, maybe try “Parvarish”? I don’t know where it may or may not be streaming currently. “Salaakhen” is on Netflix and, although it isn’t a two-hero film, it does have similar energy.

    I’ve also had “Chashme Buddoor” on the mind lately. It isn’t as zany as the others that have been mentioned, but it is a very warm, sweet movie.


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