Shahrukh Saturday, Just Because

Happy Saturday! I was up late last night watching movies with the Upstairs People, then I woke up early and mowed the lawn and ran errands and discovered there is a 30 ounce drink option at Starbucks, and then I came home and met the drain plumber man, and now I am waiting for him to finish doing the drain and then tell us if he can do a quick fix on the broken bit. Stupid tree roots. Anyway, I think it is a good time to browse Shahrukh photos.

I think I’ll do this Antakshari style. Start with a photo, and then pick one element to find in another photo, and so on until I feel calm and happy and zen about plumbing bills.

Newest public image of Shahrukh, at Nayanthara’s wedding, in a nice cream colored jacket

Which brings me to another wedding photo, the Ambani photos

Gauri’s in the corner of that photo, let’s look for a good SRK-Gauri photo. Here they are at an Awards show

Oooo, Shahrukh has a sling in that! Let’s look for more injury photos. This is a nice one with a cane.

He has a mustache in that, let’s do more mustache!

More Shahrukh and Sridevi!

More Shahrukh with open white shirt!

That’s a Knight Rider outfit, let’s get another Knight Rider outfit!

Another blazer look!

And I’ve run out! That outfit has white shirt and blazer and award show and I’ve already done all of those! But it was a pleasant time pass.

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