Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Prepare for Another Heatwave?

Happy Monday! It’s getting hot here again, but I have a plan for it. That plan being, not going anywhere and sitting in the air-conditioning.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want! From “how hot is it?” to “what are we going to read once we finish all the Anne books?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of questions!

Now, question for you! If you had to be stuck inside all day hiding from the outside heat with a movie character, who would you pick?

I think I want someone low energy on a hot day. So, maybe Bahubali The Second? Lowkey, happy, no responsibilities.


37 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Prepare for Another Heatwave?

  1. A movie character…hm, Tina from KKHH!

    I do have a question for you, but I think I need to properly frame it in my own head before asking, so I’ll be back.

    Also, book/author rec: Jean Webster!


      • Okay I still don’t think I’m framing this properly, but what do youthink is stranger:

        Adult topics cast in children’s language

        Or adult topics in adult language, but handled with immaturity?

        An example of the former would be AoI. It does mention terrible husbands and Peter Kirk and all, but in a children’s book, so they can digest it, which makes it simpler but also a bit horrific? On the other hand, you have Khushwant Singh and some of his writings were very very sexual and very very immature, in a way showing that the adultiness has not really penetrated through.


        • The second, DEFINITELY. And to put this in Indian film language, I find Shankar’s inability to deal with romantic relationships is way stranger than, for instance, the moments of darkness in Mr. India.

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  2. I am dying in heat as I’m not allowed to get AC where I live. So I literally woke up to a pile of sweat in my bed and my whole body being drenched. Smell is least of my worries currently. However in good news, it’s supposed to rain soon and I am desperately hoping for under 20 degree weather.

    I would like to be stuck with someone who doesn’t talk so someone like aditi’s brother from JTYJN is perfect. He’d be painting in his room and I won’t have to talk to him as I move to different places in the house to watch movies.

    Question for you: As an American, how do you feel about the American romanticization of Europe?I just watched this movie Monte Carlo (it’s a tween movie which is more nostalgia than taste, so I wouldn’t recommend) however it was interesting to see how much Europe means to Americans.


    • We have a complicated relationship to Europe I think. We learn European history in school, and we watch British content (same language) so we see Europe in that. Also, it is just sooooooooooooo far. Like, Going to Europe for most people is a once in a life time thing that you save and plan for and dream about. For a lot of people you do just see it in movies.

      But on the other hand, we sometimes hate Europe. Sometimes you hate the thing you love.


      • The reason I find America’s relationship Europe so interesting is also because so many American authors have romanticised Europe to a different level. Think Fitzgerald and a thousand other American writers/artists who constantly talk about the beauty of the french rivera and Paris and the food in Italy. It’s something I feel has carried on today as you don’t hear the same kind of talk about Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania. I do love Europe in many ways, it’s just with the way America sort of dominates pop culture is definitely significant to this European fantasy that has been built in all of our minds.

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    • Also, WHAT THE HECK? You can’t have a/c? I hope in that case you are allowed to sleep outside or do whatever else it takes to be comfortable


      • Yeah, my landlords don’t let us set up an AC system. I don’t know whether being outside is much better as it is just humid out there. Currently I’m sleeping in a pool of sweat, I am desperately hoping for some rain as it’s currently unbearable the heat.


    • The dominant caucasion American culture has been created by the ancestors of European exiles. Most of us know (or are learning with etc) our European history – I’m Irish, a smidgin of English, a smidgin of Swiss and a lot of French/German (Alsace Lorraine region). Why do I know this? Why does it matter? It is almost like I’ve always known this. If I were to visit Ireland, I would feel like it was my right to visit the land, because of my smidgin. It is like Europe is a part of me.

      Now after college I actually lived in Europe for four years. So I am obviously more connected than the average American – but your point that we romanticize Europe is totally correct. Italy is the golden shining star – A Room with a View, I grew up LOVING that movie. The European tour is the dream, not quite a trip to Mecca, but something more than a simple vacation. A right of passage for all those who can afford it or simply want it enough to put the rest of life on hold. I went to an Italian language school and toured the country after college, and learned to hate all Italian men and then the women that raised them as well. The romance only goes so far.

      America is so young, to walk coble stones in a street and realize that the stones are older than your knowledge of history is incredible. There are petroglyphs and sculptures throughout the world even older, but because our culture stems from Europe, their stones seem closer.

      Now the dominant caucasion culture in America is becoming less and less dominant, but still it exists, and it will never go away, though it does change throughout time. Thailand has become a romanticized destination as well. China is so big and scary, Japan intimidating, but Thailand is doable. Europe is still maybe dominant, but it is not our only romanticized destination.


      • Your comment on Italy is similar to my experience in Italy, a total disaster. For me it was because of a scam in Tuscany where I was stuck in the worst hotel I have ever been to and had a group of creepy men who would just scream every night.

        I think America being so dominated by European descendants also explains the lack of interest in Native American culture. Which is why Europe is so much more fascinating than plain old America which was once inhabited by non-Europeans?

        Definitely agree on the Thailand comment! I feel even places like Dubai , Cuba, Mexico and even Japan (specifically Tokyo) are all on that list. I meant the romanticisation more on literature and films which I think when it’s in Asian country is more about spirituality rather than in Europe where every single aspect of the culture is considered on a godly level.

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        • Guilt and a false sense of superiority play into that lack of interest in Native American Culture. I live right next to a reservation, a very small reservation, it isn’t what you see in the movies, but still the Native Paiute community is a part of my community. But before moving here I knew nothing about them. My mother told me as a child the Native Indians in California were called Diggers and that they weren’t very advanced. I had no curiosity after that, I didn’t even realize that the different tribes had different cultures. My father, a former Berkeley Professor, refers to Native Americans as one group with singular interests, a they a them, a singular culture. And that might play into America as a melting pot, as a mixture of cultures we don’t differentiate well. We love EUROPE – yes there are differences between countries but we see it as a whole, the cradle of our civilization. There is tribalism in the world and we have a hard time understanding, and so we often ignore it.


          • CAHOKIA MOUNDS! This is my own personal sin/guilt. You know 2 hours from where I grew up is the LARGEST EARTH MOVING PROJECT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? And it’s the site of a city that was larger than London at the time it was built. But it’s in rural downstate IL, and it’s ancient American civilizations (not even modern tribes, a tribe before a tribe before a tribe before) so no one goes there. We went once in my entire childhood. But if it were Roman Ruins, we probably would have been there all the time.

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  3. Harry from JHMS – We would sit and watch TV and bitch about all the stupid people we’ve had to deal with over the years and talk tourguide shop. –

    I don’t know how bad your heatwave is, and it is probably humid so unlike my existence that for a couple weeks there was regularly over 100 – but spash pools are FUN. A good excuse to kidnap the nephew and eat popsicles. As an adult by yourself people get weirded out if you run through sprinkler heads – but seriously it is a good time, so if you can, grab a kid and go.

    Also, aren’t museums air conditioned. I love modern art museums. I really miss art living the rural life. Oh I see plenty of local landscape artist’s shows and I like them, but I miss the more.


    • I would say, Harry from JHMS after he CALMS THE HECK DOWN. Totally a fun interesting lowkey hang buddy by the end of the film, at the start he’d be having mental breakdowns and stuff at the drop of a hat.

      Thank you! I am super tempted to check out the cooling stations at the parks. I miss walking, but once it tips past 95 degrees I know I can’t walk too far without getting sick. Finding a cooling station seems like a nice compromise.

      Don’t know if I’m up for museums, Chicago is so spread out that getting to one means a long hot trip. Oh wait! There’s a “Veteran’s Art Museum” near me, it looks small and funky and interesting, only art created by vets.

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  4. “If you had to be stuck inside all day hiding from the outside heat with a movie character, who would you pick?””

    Ohm Shanti Oshana’s Giri ❤️


  5. I’m so disappointed today. I was counting days for marathi film Chandramukhi to come to Prime, and was 95% sure it will be available here, but no. They didn’t add it. I wanted to watch it badly because the trailer gave me this rare “100% Angie movie” vibes. What a pity. But the worst part is that instead of Chandramukhi we have been given Jack n’ Jill which everybody call the worst malayalam movie of the decade. I believe it’s really the worst movie because I couldn’t even finish the trailer 😦 How I hate Italian streaming sites.


      • We are waiting for Lightyear, and in the meantime we started Ms Marvel and it’s cute. None of us is a fan of superhero movies but this series is nice. I liked the part when the protagonist and her crush talk about Baazigar and DDLJ and the minute later, the girl dances to Be My Baby from Dirty Dancing. Best of noth worlds I would say.


          • Yes! I was telling my son: it’s too beautiful to be real. I don’t trust this boy.
            But yeah he is cute.


          • But he doesn’t care about her like Bruno cares about her!!!!

            Also, I find myself siding with her parents most of the time. Why isn’t she more respectful and nice to them?????

            On Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 3:20 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



  6. I think Jug from Dear Zindagi. I feel he’ll do his own thing if I need to be alone, or he’ll share anecdotes over a cool drink when I need company. Or I’ll just stare at him to pass the time.

    Did anyone see Bhool Bhulaiya 2? I had no intention of seeing it, but I hear people raving about Tabu and then I saw this –

    I think I’ll watch it just to see her face!


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