Prince Edward Island Trip With My Mom! Coming Up in 6 Days! Help Me Plan!

This was a request way back when I first talked about doing a Anne of Green Gables readalong, that I give updates once we get close to the actual trip. So now you all get to join in on this fun planning period!

The general plan is that we fly from Chicago to Halifax on Wednesday, spend the night there, then take a ferry to PEI the next day. And then on Sunday we do the opposite, from PEI to Halifax, an we fly out on Monday.

That is, if nothing goes wrong. Turns out, my Mom’s birthday is coincidentally the same time as the Biggest Music Festival of the Year. Every hotel is sold out, every rental car is booked, even trains and busses are full. In theory, we have hotels booked, and a rental car waiting on PEI, although we had to reserve a car with a driver to get from Halifax to the ferry. I am very dubious of this all working!!! But it will be fun if it doesn’t work, right? We can just figure things out.

So, what do you think we should do? What are fun mother-daughter activities? What locations should we definitely visit? What podcasts should we listen to while driving? What books on the plane? What snacks for the car?


9 thoughts on “Prince Edward Island Trip With My Mom! Coming Up in 6 Days! Help Me Plan!

  1. `
    Don’t forget to check US-Canada and Canada-US border crossing requirements. I think Canada has an app you supposed to use? Or something? And COVID requirements?

    Good luck!



    • Yes : P It’s a massive pain. The thing is called ArriveCan. You can, thank g!d, do it over the computer if like me you are not a smartphone person, although they clearly don’t want you to. You can register your basic information ahead of time, but you aren’t allowed to actually do most of the paperwork until within three days of the trip. If you don’t get all your ducks in a row in that weird little window of time, there’s a fourteen-day quarantine period. Plane travel may be a little simpler. . . it gets complicated going by road, because they require a fairly precisely predicted time of arrival at the port of entry despite the existence of traffic and weather.


      • Thank you! I just checked and it looks like, in theory, we should be fine. No symptoms, and proof of vaccination and booster. But yes, they want an “arriveCan” receipt. I will help my Mom fill it out next time I see her!

        On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 3:41 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:


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    • I went to Canada back in October, and they also required a negative COVID test result within 72 hours of crossing the border. Not sure if things have changed since then, but Canada overall had much stricter COVID rules than New Jersey did at the time, so I’m sure it’s still the same pattern. Thought I’d mention.


  2. N.B.: there’s also a lot of restrictions on taking taxis/rideshares in Canada right now, so you might want to have a backup plan if that driver to the ferry falls through.


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