Saturday WatchAlong: 11am or noon Saturday (or Sunday or Monday)!!! Can Anyone Join Me? And What Should We Watch???

I kind of am looking forward to staying inside and staying cool this weekend, let’s find a nice movie to watch together! And Saturday is the best time for me, but Sunday and Monday are also on the table.

First, make sure to let me know if midday Saturday works for you! If everyone else is busy, I will just watch a movie with Albie Dog instead.

Second, options:

It’s the 4th of July! I feel the urge for a classic American musical. But, as always, I can be overruled. Anyway, if we were to watch a good old American technicolor,

Easter Parade

Cute Judy Garland, suave Fred Astaire, classic songs, period costumes

The Pirate

Cute Judy Garland, fun Gene Kelly, period Barbados setting, wacky farcical plot

On the Town

Classic cast top to bottom, super fun story of 3 sailors with a 2 day leave in New York, based on a ballet

The Band Wagon

Very fun and a little snarky backstage romance plot, older Fred Astaire playing his age but still dead graceful

Anything else you really love and are excited about

Or, if you want to stick to Indian,

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

I’ve heard it is light and fun, so why not?


6 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: 11am or noon Saturday (or Sunday or Monday)!!! Can Anyone Join Me? And What Should We Watch???

  1. Sunday would be best for me; sadly, both Saturday and Monday are off the table. I’ve never seen an American musical classic other than Grease (does Grease count?) but reeeally enjoyed Elvis the other day so I could definitely be tempted in the durection of another English-language musical.
    Bhool Bhulaiyaa is great, but I watched it like a week ago so probably a bit soon to see it again.


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