Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Get Busy on a Three Day Weekend!

Happy Saturday! I get a 3 day weekend, and then right after it is over I go to Prince Edward Island with my Mom, and then come back, and then almost immediately leave to go stay at my sisters until Nephew B arrives. So I have to organize and take out recycling and plant things and all kinds of stuff this weekend!

Things to talk about!

Not much, really. We are kind of in news duldrums. I took a pass at Bollywood Hungama, and the biggest news is the feud-that-isn’t between Maddy and Akshay over the amount of dime actors dedicate to individual projects. So we are left with:

Harsh Kapoor really likes sweet corn. I sympathize, I also like it.

Meanwhile, Hrithik is eating eggs. Which makes me remember that cute scene in KHPH when he makes eggs for Amisha

Oh, and Ranbir has a trailer! which NONE OF YOU TOLD ME ABOUT!!!! So, DCIB is officially no longer paying any attention to Ranbir and all his works. Anyway, dare I say it, the movie looks kind of fun? Still irritated with Ranbir’s “childlike” style of acting, blech. But Sanjay is having a blast, and it has the sort of other the top visuals that made RRR such a kick. And I like Vaani.

Oh, and there’s also Raksha Bandhan, which is either a bait and switch (trailer makes it look like a relatable normal story of trying to earn for dowry, movie will end up lambasting the dowry system), or not so great. BUT! It’s Kanika Dhillon written! And she is AMAZING. So I will keep the faith.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Get Busy on a Three Day Weekend!

  1. So I had a lot of fun going to an actual movie theater to see Hindi film for the very first time, I kid you not, since I saw ‘My Name is Khan’ in 2010. I’m not a big theatergoer, it feels like a big waste of money to me because I know I can see things streaming if I’m willing to wait a little bit, but it was really nice to be absolutely 100% alone in a theater at 10:10 AM for $7 reading subtitles and understanding about 1/3 of what they were saying which I was really proud of.

    Anyway to the film at hand, JugJug Jeeyo is oddly titled in that phrase comes up really infrequently in the film itself but I kind of got that they were going for – one should enjoy his or her life. Now to be fair, it’s only ‘his’ life for the first part of the movie that seems to matter and not hers but after reading Anupama Chopra‘s review I was prepared to be very annoyed at the “man is unhappy with boring (that is long-suffering) wife or man is unhappy because he feels outdone by wife’s success” trope but that wasn’t really the story and it certainly isn’t how it ended.

    Without spoilers, let me say that it’s a fair watch, pretty good songs (although disjointed from each other bc they’re all written by different people as opposed to the ‘music team’ approach we see often.) I wanted to love seeing Neetu, but there was only one scene where I LOVED her and I thought she underplayed the role most of the time. I like Varun and Kiara and Anil and I really like Prajakta but her role could have been way more fleshed out. The ending is kind of ambiguous for one of the couples which is nice, not all tied up and neat. Maniesh is treated less offensively than some big Punjabi sidekick characters than I would have guessed, but every time he appears on screen you get a ‘Munda’ sound effect which is just unnecessary. It’s like the old ‘hello’ joke from Laverne and Shirley. Look it up if you’re too young to know!

    Anyway, fun time pass, but it included having to sit through 2 Ranbir trailers which is cruel and unusual punishment for me after the month I have had.

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    • I am glad to know it’s not a “rush out right now!” movie. Normally I also love doing the matinee by myself thing. But this week is so busy! And I just want to stay home.

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  2. I’m on trip 2 out of 3 with Baby SRK. Hopefully, you get to meet him during trip 3 but work might mess that up for me.

    Kanika Dhillon is awesome but I’m 50-50 on her movies. I love Manmarziyaan and Rashmi Rocket, but hated Kedarnath and Judgemental Hai Kya. So who knows what Raksha Bandhan will be like.

    I’m weirdly excited about Shamshera. It does look fun.


    • I am also weirdly excited about Shamshera! While simultaneously wanting to throw something at Ranbir when he starts his antics. So it will be a challenge, can I enjoy all the silly fun bits, while still finding the hero irritating?

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  3. Hrithik burned his toast and his eggs look like they came from Denny’s. I think you have to be a huge fan to find unappealing breakfast pictures cute.

    Please post pictures of Prince Edward’s Island. I am so curious.

    Nephew B? very exciting. Today all three boys, 13, 10, & 7 were playing war mission at Grandma & Grandpa’s and ended the game marching up the road in unison with their BB guns slung over their shoulders. I wasn’t allowed to take a picture because then they would know they were being watched. It was like a 1950s advertisement for siblings. Unfortunately our car rides are less PR friendly.

    I’ve given up on watching previews because I can’t see anything until it hits Netflix or Amazon because I live too far away from cities. I look forward to hearing what people think of it when it hits Netflix!


    • Yes! Nephew B! Nephew A has, as his family describes them, Big Feelings about this whole process Often his Big Feelings come out through his trucks and cars, who are feeling sad and need cuddles a lot. And one time his Big Feelings came out through biting my sister’s tummy hard enough to draw blood. But that’s why Auntie is coming! I’m gonna be way more interested in Nephew A who can talk than in Nephew B who is a little blob, and then Nephew A will have fewer Big Feelings. Also, I’m bringing him a car load of GOOD presents, and Nephew B is getting just socks.

      On Sun, Jul 3, 2022 at 12:43 AM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:


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  4. Ooh! The Shamshera trailer is nice, but those special effects? Why are they so awful? And Ranbir looks like he’s miscast here. Hope this doesn’t go the Thugs of Hindostan way.


  5. The first song from Shamshera is also infuriatingly good and catchy. I am constantly listening to it and singing it and I am so mad at myself. I haven’t been this obsessed with a Ranbir song since Balam Pichkari.


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