Discussion Questions From My Cross Country Drive!

I survived! I arrived! No Nephew B yet. But Nephew A, after brief suspicion, has temporarily accepted me. Although I anticipate a reversal during times of stress. I am new and scary and not his parents, he will probably hit me at some point in the next 24 hours.

Question 1: Would you call this Mountains or Hills? To me they look just like the “Ghats” outside of Bombay, which I would call Mountains. But then in Indian English, they talk about “Hill Stations”, so maybe they are Hills?

Question 2: I binged a lot of podcasts, would the one about the woman who broke off her engagement the day before her wedding when she learned her fiance was catfishing her and pretending to be his own best friends be a better remake than the one about the woman who learned her fiance/father of her child was secretly seducing another man’s wife and also lying to her about his job/family/everything?

Question 3: Was the Massachusetts Turnpike designed by The Devil, yes or no?


6 thoughts on “Discussion Questions From My Cross Country Drive!

  1. Question #1 — Hills. Mountains need exposed pointy rocks.
    Question #2 — None of them. I hate lying fiance stories. They are horrible people.
    Question #3 — The devil: YES


  2. 1. They look like hills to me. I live in Switzerland which is really mountainous and there is definitely a difference.

    2. The second one is definitely more interesting as you can frame at as a scheme to kill her and twist the story a bit. While I’m still figuring out how the first one works.

    3. Not an American, so I don’t understand the question.


    • The Massachussets Turnpike is a horrible horrible stretch of road where I got lost twice in one hour after successfully driving halfway across the country without any issues!


  3. Oh, Mass Pike, ruiner of dreams ) : It’s not quite as evil (or nearly as expensive) as the Penna Pike, though. I finally bit the bullet and got an EZ Pass this spring, even though I barely have to drive on 90.


    • THANK YOU! I was counting on backup from you. FilmiKudhi grew up around here and I fear she has no perspective and does not realize that roads don’t have to be like that. In some places, entrance and exit ramps are a whole 6 car lengths or more! Instead of the length of a living room!

      On Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 9:30 PM dontcallitbollywood < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:



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