I Get to Be a Single Childcarer, Possibly Tomorrow!

Oh boy! Nephew B really REALLY wants to arrive. So at some point, possibly tonight, I will become the sole emotional and physical guardian of a 3 year old. Until his parents bring baby brother home.

My sister has now sent me 2 separate super detailed emails on everything, including “if he vomits, clean him up”. I think I could have figured that out! Im planning to semi-ignore them (sorry sister!) and go for a cheezits and cartoons sort of lifestyle instead. Im Auntie! Life is fun! And everything is crazy anyway, why not eat dinner on the couch or whatever else we want to do?

Anyway, fun times! And the leading contender for Nephew B’s name from Nephew A continues to be “pooping”. He’s almost convinced me.


6 thoughts on “I Get to Be a Single Childcarer, Possibly Tomorrow!

  1. You have a good feeling for kids…for small ones and grown-up ones…so I’m sure you’ll handle everything just fine (I bet, nephew A won’t want you to leave when this time comes…)


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