Saturday Small Talk: Trailers! Liger, Ek Villain 2, And New Brahmastra Song!

Happy Saturday!!! I should be folding more laundry (there was a vomit incident yesterday that resulted in stripping the couch and me changing clothes twice), but instead I am BEING A HUMAN and doing a FOR REAL ACTUAL BLOG POST.

(for those who are curious, still no Nephew B although we had a false alarm Thursday night. Nephew A and I continue to bond although when push comes to shove, Mommy is best and Auntie is useless. Yesterday, I was ordered off the sofa and to sit on the floor, for example, because it needed to be JUST MOMMY on the sofa with him)

Liger! Continues to be SUCH a stupid name. And also, such a stupid movie. IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY!!!

OMG, I loooooooooooooooove Puri Jaganaddh. In his best work, he really pushes the essential surreality of movies, this 2 dimensional version of a 3 dimensional world, to the edge. Sometimes he goes to far, it feels so strange and fake you just don’t care any more, but for his first Hindi/Dharma movie I was more worried he wouldn’t be allowed to go far enough. NO MORE! Bonkers mother-son relationship, over the top fight scene, tough aggressive heroine, all my favorite Puri things.

Ek Villain 2. A nice basic clear name. For a very grey, literally and metaphorically, film.

I do love me some tortured John Abraham and streak of darkness Arjun Kapoor. So that’s good. But I am concerned that most of the plot twists were thrown into the trailer, which shows a lack of faith in the actual film. Like, people will want to watch it to see if the “girls” really are the serial killers this time, not because it looks like AN ACTUAL ENJOYABLE FILM. Also, Tara Sutaria.

“Kesariya” from Brahmastra. Pretty pretty song, I do love Pritam. But on the other hand, I hate Ranbir and this is not winning me over.

I think the issue is, he’s dancing and singing and she’s just sort of “there”? It works because Alia has such charisma onscreen that she can be just “there” and you will still find her interesting. But for the Big Love Moment of a movie, I would hope for more interaction between the two. Especially in a montage song, we are seeing their relationship in full, so where’s the moment when she cutely smears paint on his nose or makes a joke out of imitating the way he walks or anything that is a back and forth?

Okay, time to go change a diaper, y’all enjoy your exotic diaper free Saturdays.


16 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Trailers! Liger, Ek Villain 2, And New Brahmastra Song!

  1. Liger is definitely not my kind of movie, but I really hope it will be hit and that Vijay Devarakonda will be big star in Bollywood. Personally I don’t like the guy and find him annoying but he is a perfect package: super handsome, extremely sexy and talented. When was the last time we had someone like that in Hindi industry?

    And while we are talking about handsome men – I loved Ranveer’s newest photos. I read some people have problems with his photoshoot, but I’m happy because finally we have something interesting coming from Bollywood. And he shared this photos on Shamshera’s release day, and everybody was like: Ranbir who? 😉

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  2. Liger does look so fun. I was sort of worried that this’ll be a stupid movie pretending to be good but now that it’s just a plain stupid movie I’m all for it. I think it’ll be great fun and somehow do really well to the shock of others.

    Ek Villain 2 seems to be the opposite of LIGER. Stupid but pretending to be smart. I’m really not for it. Also the biggest glaring flaw is TARA SUTARIA. I hope she’ll learn how to act or give up+become a playback singer (something she is actually good at).

    Kesariya is just not that great. Also even though Alia and Ranbir are married, why do I get no chemistry from them at all? This song basically relies on chemistry and it’s just not there. Also why does he feel like a deep fake. Recently in all of his movies, it’s very clear he’s acting (and I’m watching an actor do these expressions) which I never felt before in any of his movies.

    Also I’m watching Shamshera soon, so I will update you on how it is. The film is slowly getting pulled out of theatres so I hope I get a ticket!


    • Both trailers look nice in the beginning and then dark. I’m not sure if I’ll watch them but good for the girls for trying new things.


    • I will be very excited about all these things once my life stops revolving around poops. I just want to be an adult again! In an adult home where everyone takes care of their own bodily functions!

      On Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 4:21 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



  3. Liger looks awful. I can’t get behind that specific brand of “loud” masala. I’m all for disability rep, and Ananya looks really pretty, but every single line in that trailer was screamed or had some weird effect to go with it, and just, no.

    Ek Villain Returns I can get behind. I really liked Ek Villain, and this has the same vibe, but a bit more, so I’m worried about it. And yes, Tara Sutaria. Along with everyone else who Isn’t That Great. Sigh.

    Kesariya is so boring to me. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve heard the snippet too much, the one they released, when Alia and Ranbir got married. I did hear there will be 3 versions of the song though–this, a dance number, and a more dramatic, slower one. So maybe the dance number will be more cutesy and playful, and this is just the generic Arijit Singh romance track that will get people excited for the movie.

    Also, it’s a Ranbir movie. It’s all about him all the time. The heroine is nothing but smitten by his sheer presence. Back and forth who?


  4. Surprising for me, because I don’t like mainstream masala, but Liger actually sounds fun! And if that’s Ramya Krishnan as his mom, I am all for it!


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