Saturday/Sunday WatchAlong: It’s Kajol Weekend! Come On, We Have to Watch Something for Kajol!

I know she hasn’t really acted regularly in decades, I know her last work has been uneven, and yet I still love her. And it’s her BIRTHDAY! We have to watch something fun for her!

Yeh Dillagi

Sabrina remake with Kajol and Akshay back before he was irritating! Really, super fun film, and it’s on Prime.


Kajol and Saif and a reincarnation romance! And a title song that will stick in your head for eternity. Available for a small rental fee.


I mean, what’s to say? It’s Baazigar! It’s “Yeh Kaali Jaali Aankhen”! It’s Contact Lenses of Evil!

Which movie do you prefer?

and which day, Saturday or Sunday?

and which time, early morning or midday?


12 thoughts on “Saturday/Sunday WatchAlong: It’s Kajol Weekend! Come On, We Have to Watch Something for Kajol!

  1. Oooh! I adore Kajol! Any of these movies work for me. Sunday works better than Saturday because I actually have plans on Saturday with real humans. Weird, I know! Sunday midday would be ideal.


  2. Ooh, I really like “Yeh Dillagi”! “Hameshaa” I haven’t seen, so that would be interesting (and I’m a sucker for reincarnation stories, and baby Saif). Any day/time works.


  3. I love yeh Dillagi, it has my ulitmate favorite rain dance. I could probably do mornings both days. I’ve seen half of Hameshaa, I stopped watching because Kajol was… boring. But perhaps she is more interesting in the second half.


  4. Do you know if it will be Sunday morning or afternoon? We are trying to plan our day and secure a babysitter so husband gets a break also.


      • If we do morning, I can do 6:30 or 7:00 am CT or anytime after 11:00 CT. But don’t worry about me. If it doesn’t work with my schedule, I’ll do my best to join for part of it. If not, we can figure it out for next weekend.


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