Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Regroup and Prepare for WatchAlong Tomorrow!

Happy Saturday! I am being lazy and easy today, I got a massage and finished a puzzle and only did a little bit of living room reorganization. Also, almost done with Voyager! What shall I watch next???

Things to talk about!

I’m planning a virtual movie night on Wednesday! Should we watch Darlings or RRR? Pro point for Darlings, I haven’t seen it yet and neither has anyone else. Pro-point for RRR, it’s AWESOME (even if half the group has already seen it once).

Harsh put up another Sneaker Culture post, talking about his achievement and the wild ride of collecting every color of sneaker, and the friends he made along the way. Oh Harsh! Never change.

And finally, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a new baby lion and it will make you smile:


7 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Regroup and Prepare for WatchAlong Tomorrow!

      • Maybe I would like it a little if it wasn’t period movie. Make it all period or all modern. I hated how they mixed everything. The book is from one era, the clothes from other, and everybody behaves like it’s 2022. But the worst slap was when William Elliot married Penelope Clay in the end! It’s against his character. But why I’m angry? They also changed Anne’s character, which is the best and the most important thing in the book.
        Also Dakota Johnson can’t act.


  1. Harsh is so cluelessly ignorant about his privilege that you don’t even feel insulted when he talks about collecting Sneakers like the greatest problems in the world.

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  2. I finally finished RRR! Lot of things to like about it, lot of things not to like about it. Predictably I loved the oldschool homoeroticism/bizarre obsession with kink and the Sholay and Deewar references. Weird choice to reference classic Hindi instead of their own cinematic history but maybe it was part of the commentary on the current government? I’ve kind of lost track of what’s going on politically.

    Anyway, most realistic movie I’ve seen in some time in the sense that if there is one thing we icy blonde women enjoy it’s watching epic homoerotic whipping and torture.


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