Sunday WatchAlong: Hameshaa! For Kajol! 7am Chicago Time Start!

Woot! WatchAlong! I am slowly getting my life back! My weird pandemic isolation movie based life! Whatever, still better than being a milk and cheezit machine for a small child like I was last week.

Hameshaa! It’s available for rent on Prime for a small amount, it’s a classic 90s movie with crazy plot, big skirts and big hair, and super fun songs.

At 7am Central time, I will put an “And PLAY” comment on this post and we will comment along from there!


337 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Hameshaa! For Kajol! 7am Chicago Time Start!

  1. “At least lock the counter before you die” – Usually I dislike the random comedy bits thrown in with character actors I don’t think are funny, but that was pretty good.

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  2. At work I’m constantly running across gospel songs that use mundane metaphors: “Life’s Railway to Heaven,” “Turn the Radio On,” “The Royal Telephone,” “God’s Ford.” Now I’m imagining “The Heavenly Canteen.”

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  3. My mom’s best friend moved to France and left her a fancy expresso machine. So while she does not want to watch the movie with me, my now awake mother did make me a cafe latte. I am so lucky!

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  4. I spent much of last night organizing my grandmother’s costume jewelry, which makes me wonder, is movie jewelry gold or costume? Could I tell the difference on a screen?


  5. I just thought of how this movie could have been better. Go full out with Aditya badness. Have him re-make another girl into Kajol a couple years after her murder, rename her, redo her, marry her. And then kill her off when the re-incarnated Kajol reappears. His walls should be covered in Kajol art. Make him full psycho. Actually give him Kajol for a bit, and then let married Kajol escape with Saif. Make Kajol and Saif more societywise wrong in their love and Aditya more full on creepy. Oh, and add a final credits song.


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