Alert! Alert! Hrithik Has a New Beard Look!!!!

So I was instagram browsing and I ran across Hrithik! In black and white, with a beard. He has some kind of new brand thing? I don’t know, but it’s a great look.

He is now brand ambassador for “Beardo”? Don’t know what that company is or what it makes or anything. But, BEARDS!

And the full ad!

Color version

Still photos, I think the crowsfeet might be too strong? Is that crazy to say?

Natural look, keeping the beard but less structured over all

And finally, one showing off his beautiful soul, random out of nowhere appreciation post for Salim-Sulaiman

Okay, I think the only way to handle this is rankings. Which version do you find most attractive?

Color photo shoot Hrithik

Black and White Still Hrithik

Black and White Video Hrithik

Candid Hrithik

Sweet Nice Compliments Hrithik

For me, it’s:



Black and White Video

Color Photo Shoot

Black and White Still

For you?


3 thoughts on “Alert! Alert! Hrithik Has a New Beard Look!!!!

  1. “Hairy masculinity” 😂. Some tag line.

    I’m cool with the beard, not sure how I feel about the braids. But still, my ranking would be:
    – b&w video
    – color photo
    – compliments
    – b&w photo
    – candid

    His hair in the candid bugs me, looks too styled. Don’t mind the effort for the official shoot, but for a candid it’s trying too hard.

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