Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Sew Sew Sew!

Happy Saturday! My friend reminded me I promised to finish an enormous sewing project for her by September 1 when she needs it for an event, and I am going up to the lake house the next two weekends, so AAAA! So much sewing! Anyway, it’s a fun challenge.

Things to talk about!

Sridevi’s Birthday! Why do you like her MOST?

Personally, I like her most because she isn’t afraid to go full throttle in a performance. She worked so much for so many years, and in every movie and song and everything she did she gave 110%. Even if it was a low budget not very good film and not a very fun role, she always went all in.

Did Laal Singh Chaddha release I didn’t notice? Did anyone see it?

Why am I so sleepy?

Is it because it is overcast today? Or because I woke up early and hit the ground running on the sewing project?

11 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Sew Sew Sew!

  1. I was the only attendee at the the cinema in my tiny Scottish town for LSC! They don’t normally show Hindi films at all (very occasional Telugu ones), so I was forced to try an encourage them by spending an enormous amount of money on snacks both before and in the interval. 😀 It’s testament to Aamir’s stardom that they showed it all – maybe they were expecting a Chinese turnout or something, because there really aren’t many Hindi speakers around here.

    I liked it. The first half was brilliant, and the whole Sikh-hiding Sikhness-“becoming” Sikh again was really emotional. Kareena Kapoor handled her role really well, and the Big Bad things that happened to her were good replacements for the context. A lot of people have said Aamir was playing PK again, and he was in parts, but I didn’t find it that bad. (Maybe because I love PK?)

    The second half was way too much of a scene-to-scene remake of FG, and therefore much less interesting for people who have seen that multiple times, like me.

    ((SPOILER (probably)))

    The ‘rescuing Pakistani terrorist part’ would have worked nicely 15 years ago, and even now I feel liike people are wilfully misunderstanding it. It doesn’t ‘glorify Pakistani terrorists’ at all, it shows a Pakistani being so impressed by Indian values that he stops being a terrorist. Improbable, sure, but hardly glorification.


    It’s definitely one for Aamir/Kareena fans, but I am massively the former and mostly the latter, so it was great for me. 😀


  2. Maula Jatt trailer is out and… Anurag Kashyap is hyping it?!! Did not see that coming, but great! Fawad is unrecognizable. Hope I can see this!

    Want to see LSC for Kareena, she’s getting praised everywhere, which is not a surprise! Aamir I’ve been skeptical of since the trailer and he seems to be the weak link.


  3. Okay I need to say this somewhere to convince you to watch Sita Ramam. It’s honestly a really nice romance movie which reminded me somewhat of Shyam Singha Roy in that both have a beautiful heart even with all its flaws. Overall a pretty good story and music which I would recommend over Laal Singh Chanda which I found a bit boring. I know I shouldn’t spam but I needed to get the message somewhere.


    • Sita Ramam is the movie I’m more excited to. 2 weeks ago I didn’t have idea this movie exists and then all those great reviews came, and now I just can’t wait. I try to keep my hopes low, because people also praised Ante..Sundaraniki and I didn’t like it much. Hope Sita Ramam is more my cup of tea.


      • Sita Ramam is more of an epic style film while Ante Sundaraniki is more realistic. I think the way you look at it will depend on how much the love story touches your heart. Depending on that, you’ll be able to look past the flaws or notice it.


        • Oh, I love epic style movies! I loved Fitoor, because it was stunning and Mirzya and other movies people didn’t like because of “flaws”. Give me beautiful people in beautiful sceneries with a little of romanticism and I will probably love it.


  4. I think you’ll love it then. It also has a nice message of religious unity which while implausible, still seems so rare nowadays that its nice


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