Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Sew Sew Sew!

Happy Saturday! My friend reminded me I promised to finish an enormous sewing project for her by September 1 when she needs it for an event, and I am going up to the lake house the next two weekends, so AAAA! So much sewing! Anyway, it’s a fun challenge.

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Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While God Prepares My Lawn!

Happy Saturday! Great news! It’s supposed to be super stormy all day today! And cleverly, I raked and mowed the front lawn yesterday. So now God will do the watering and stuff for me, and tomorrow I can plant my nice seeds. But here’s the problem: I don’t have the seeds yet. I want to do clover seeds which are all natural and easy to maintain and bees like them and stuff. But I haven’t had any luck finding them. So today, while God prepares the ground, I will drive around to garden centers looking for clover seeds for lawns. FUN!

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Why Does Akshay Look Weird in This Video? And I Have a Better Way to Use the Feather Theme for Aamir!!!

I’m having a silly silly day. It’s overcast again, which makes me depressed and weird, plus I didn’t get any sleep, plus the people of the world just insist on doing silly things today! It’s not my fault, the celebrities are making me do this!

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