Chatty Check-in Post: 3 Things I like About Fall, Mystery Series, Pumpkins, and Sweaters

This is not reasonable, but every year I think of September 1 as the start of fall. It isn’t though! It’s just a continuation of summer! The calendar has no control over the seasons! And yet, I am ready for fall.

Mystery Series

I always read mysteries in the fall. They just feel fall-y. This year I am considering Catherine Aird, a British writer who did cozy British mysteries from the 1960s through 2000s. But I am open to suggestions of other authors/series!

Also curious, does anyone else read mysteries in the fall? Or have a particular time of year when they read a particular thing?

Don’t you want to read books written by this lady?


I just really really love pumpkins. I don’t know why, but I do. I buy them and bake them and scoop out the insides and then use them in bread and soup and basically everything.

Any other pumpkin lovers? Pumpkin recipes?


So cozy! And you can look nice without a lot of effort, so much easer to maintain and dress up a sweater than a t-shirt.

I guess the only discussion question here is, do you prefer sweaters layered, or solo? I prefer solo, I can’t be bothered with layers. I just wear progressively heavier individual sweaters.


9 thoughts on “Chatty Check-in Post: 3 Things I like About Fall, Mystery Series, Pumpkins, and Sweaters

  1. It is fall once my school year starts, which this year is September 6. Got my rosters for this year, too, and I can already tell I’m going to struggle with some of these names.

    Fall genuinely does have great flavors and scents. I’m not huge on most pumpkin confections, but I have sampled some cookies, and the PSL really is no joke. Smells great, along with apples and cherries and other kinds of non-citrus fruits.

    I can only wear my REALLY nice sweaters once it goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise they’re too thick and hot. Thin sweaters are fine, but most of my thin sweaters are work sweaters, and my work wardrobe is almost completely separate from my not work wardrobe. I agree that sweaters are better solo, but you can also dress up easy in the summer because you can just put on a dress and everyone automatically thinks you look nice and put in effort.

    Other fall things to enjoy: Boots. Dark lipstick. Not sweating. Blankets. Orange. SOUP. I have been missing soup so much lately.


  2. I think summer is over when school starts. But it has been 100 degrees multiple times this week, I’ve had to up my watering for the garden, and all my pumpkin plants have dried up and shrivelled and didn’t give me pumpkins. So fall is not on my mind!!

    But as for pumpkins, let me tell you, they are FOOD. Even the ones you can carve. If you cut off the outer skin of any pumpkin, and then cut it into chunks, and then season it with taco seasoning and sautee it, you get delicious veggie tacos. Honestly it is shocking how well the flavor of pumpkin goes with taco seasoning (cumin, onion, garlic, & paprika).

    And for our Ojibwa potluck I baked pumpkin, cut it into chunks, and then smashed it up with apple cider, butter and maple syrup (like mashed potatoes). We discovered it did tasted great with popped rice on top, but popping rice was kinda hard and I’m not gonna advocate going through the trouble.


  3. I don’t really read mysteries during the fall but I read classics in the autumn/fall season and read light romances/contemporary fiction in spring and summer. I’m not super strict with this as with most things in my life however I just love the aesthetic of matching books to seasons.

    I love pumpkins too, they just have such a lovely taste. I’m not a huge fan of the famous PSL (Starbucks) however I love pumpkin soup or pumpkin cake.

    I am someone who sweats a lot and really am not the biggest fan of the cool seasons. So I kind of hate winter as you have to layer sweaters and kind of cover yourself. For me, I love fashion and showing myself off so winter/autumn is really not my favourite season.

    However, to answer your question, sweaters solo as you start sweating with layered sweaters. But it’s freezing so you can’t remove the layered sweater. That’s why solo whenever I can.


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