Sunday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Watch My Father Stress About the Rain!

Happy Sunday! I’m up at the lake house with my parents, watching my father obsess over if/when the weather is going to be nice enough for us to take the sailboat out for the year. Right now, it is pouring rain, so NO.

Things to talk about!

It’s Deepak Tijori’s birthday! I think this might be a bit of a Shibboleth. If you recognize this face, you are a True 90s Hindi film fan:

My favorite Deepak role, I am torn between Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa and Sadak! In both, as always, he plays the Hero’s Best Friend.

DDLJ Broadway Musical!!!! Who is excited? Who is worried?

I am WORRIED! I think a fan musical would be amazing. I saw High School Musical The Musical The Roadshow years and years ago and it was AMAZING. Took the songs and plot and sort of cleverly re-imagined for the stage with an audience that knew every word of everything and cheered for character introductions and their favorite lines.

But I don’t know if it can work as a straight-musical, that is, introducing the story to a new audience. So much of the success of the film is related to the context, the actors, the way it is filmed, all of that. Can you translate the magic to a new era, a new medium, and a new audience? Especially since it looks like it is NEW SONGS, and that I am extremely worried about. Anyway, here is the announcement and those of you who live in California (YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE) are hereby on notice that you need to find a way to get to San Diego:–media/latest-news/press-release-page/2022/come-fall-in-love–the-ddlj-musical/?id=44190

Nephew Update

Nephew B slept 6 hours on Thursday! His family is still riding high on the miracle. Meanwhile, Nephew A has started drawing a lot of pictures of “Big Brother Car” and “Little Tiny Baby Brother Car” and making them have conversations with each other about things like “Baby Brother Car, are you crying?” “YES I AM CRYING” “You need to caaaaaaaaaalm doooooown in your crib”.

In other news, Sister bought a cradle cap special brush called “Bean B Clean” and I find that name hilarious and can’t resist thinking of other options like “Nog B Unclog”.


31 thoughts on “Sunday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Watch My Father Stress About the Rain!

  1. I just looked up cradle cap and now those images are forever etched in my brain. Note to others, don’t look up cradle cap if you don’t know what it is!!! Ask Margaret to explain it.


        • My kids had the WORST cradle cap – the doctor had never seen anything like it. But it didn’t bother the kids. Honestly the 10-year-old still had it at the age of 9 but you couldn’t see it because he had hair. I don’t think he has it now, but I’ll check in the morning.


          • I am so sorry! Hopefully, the condition is mostly annoying and doesn’t bother the baby (or the young adult).

            Also, I hope this was obvious, but in case it was not, my comment was mostly made in jest.


  2. I was excited (White Raj, yay!) but now I’m worried about DDLJ Musical. So you say they changed the songs? Without those iconic songs, what’s the point of making this musical?


  3. I forgot to say I can’t stop thinking about Liger. Seems it’s terrible and nobody likes it, and I must say I’m shocked. This was never my kind of movie but I was sure people will like it, for silly action and stuff. I just can’t understand how someone can work on a movie for 2 years and make something that bad.


  4. Am I remembering right, that earlier drafts of the movie script had an interracial romance? Is the stage version secretly just the original script?


        • Husband’s parents live in San Diego for part of the year, so maybe they can babysit the baby while we go watch it? The problem with San Diego is just that it takes SOOOO LONG to get there from where I live. It basically takes two full days to travel there and back.

          I will probably wait for it to come to New York next year and see it there. It clearly calls for a sister/cousin weekend!


          • But what if it is actually terrible and therefore never makes it to Broadway and we missed our one chance to see a terrible terrible musical live on stage?

            On Mon, Aug 29, 2022 at 9:43 AM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



  5. $144 in gas (in our most fuel efficient car) and in the middle of soccer season. (Imagine trying to remember the different game times and practices for three different children – well other people have more children and probably have better memories than me). $104 – $120 for a Saturday Matinee. If it weren’t soccer season I could probably make a family trip out of it and The 13-year-old’s grandparents live in San Diego and we could probably crash at their swimming pool mansion… ARGH soccer ruins everything.


    • 13-year-old’s best friend’s grandparents… His grandparents do not have a mansion with a swimming pool, but they did pay for the deposit on the house he lives in so honestly he can’t complain.


    • I curse you. I am now dreaming that I might convince a nurse friend to accompany me midweek on a minivacation I can’t afford to see an interracial DDLJ. Will I like an interracial DDLJ? I bet the dialogue for that zipper scene would be different!


      • And it’s the out of town try out too! So it’s going to be the worst possible version of an interracial DDLJ.

        And now I am doing the same thing. Seeing as I have 3 less children than you, I could theoretically do a silly silly one day trip to San Diego JUST to see the show.

        On Mon, Aug 29, 2022 at 1:50 AM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



        • Our refrigerator broke, for real this time. It broke over the summer and genius hubby got on youtube, learned how to clean the filter, and got it working again, But hubby’s genius can’t change reality. It broke again and we need a new one. I’m not going to be able to see this in San Diego. BUT if it works I may be able to catch it in San Francisco later?


  6. I wasn’t going to comment until today when I completely got wet as it was pouring and I had to walk home with no umbrella. I’m really hoping I don’t get sick so I had a really warm bath and have been not eating anything that’s not burning my tongue.

    Also was singing Barso Re while getting Pneumonia


  7. The DDLJ musical is dead to me because Raj is now white and named Roger but still calling him Rog, and I think it’s the dumbest thing ever and also takes away the pure Indian element that people were probably excited to see on stage in the first place.

    And yet, I’ll probably still beg my dad to see it with me anyway.


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