Wedding Season Review (SPOILERS): Wait, Why Were They Fighting?

This is gonna be a pretty short review, not a lot to talk about Deeply. But I know a lot of us have already watched the movie and I wanted a place for us to chat without ruining things for the others.

Whole plot:

Our heroine Pallavi Sharda is working for a microloan company in New Jersey, trying to get funding to help women around the world get microloans and make the world better. Her mother is pressuring her to get married especially as her sister Arianna Afsar is about to get married. To make her mother happy, Pallavi agrees to go on an online date with a “perfect” nice local boy Suraj Sharma. They don’t click, but then bump into each other at another wedding and Pallavi suggests they go to the rest of the weddings of the summer together so everyone in the community stops bothering them. As they go to more and more weddings together, they fall in love and start a relationship for real, but keep it quiet. Pallavi also learns that Suraj isn’t the “perfect” boy, but in fact dropped out of MIT to become a DJ. And then Pallavi is offered a promotion at work so she can help people more, but learns it is partly because of a donation from Suraj’s secret foundation. She fights with him because she thinks he is patronizing her. But then she has a long conversation with her Dad about how proud he is of her, and a long conversation with her Mom about how she should just be happy, and realizes she succeeded on her own and should get back with Suraj. Meanwhile Suraj has a long conversation with his parents about how he has succeeded in his own way and they shouldn’t be ashamed. And then there’s ANOTHER long speech and Suraj and Pallavi get together at her sister’s wedding. HAPPY ENDING.

The best bit of the movie, so far as I am concerned, is Pallavi’s sister Ariana’s relationship with her fiance. For one thing, the way her white fiance over compensates and tries to fit in with her Indian family is HILARIOUS. For another, there is a lot less talky talky in their relationship and a lot more showy-showy. And the resolution is a great because it is no resolution! Ariana struggles with getting married to this dude who is suddenly trying waaaaaaaay too hard, and her fiance struggles because he feels like he is not giving her enough of what she needs. And the ending is just…they let it go. He shows up for the wedding on a fake elephant, and she manages to just laugh about it and say “I love you”. They love each other, all this wedding stress is stupid, just let it go.

Second best part of the movie is Pallavi’s job. It’s your typical “I really care about my job and I focus on work instead of relationships” plot. But it’s something that ACTUALLY MATTERS! And no one argues with her about that either. Like, her sister and her love interest and her co-workers and everyone is on the same page of “yeah Pallavi, you should be overworking, you aren’t crazy, this stuff can change the world”. Even to the point of Suraj donating money to her group not because he loves Pallavi and wants her to stop working so hard but because he believes in what she is doing and wants to give her the resources to work even harder.

Whenever I watch a rom-com that focuses on career as part of the story, I have a hard time because I’m always thinking “why should I care?” It feels like sometimes that storyline is written more for folks who are unsatisfied with their working lives, like the idea of being in a fancy office and doing fancy things and don’t care about the details. As someone who is actually working, I need more than that! I care about the details! But this film in particular took the time to create a job that actually exists (not “magazine writer” or something), and a job that actually matters and you can understand why the heroine cares about it.

And on the other hand, they gave our hero a job that is kind of stupid (sorry, but, DJ?) and then added on his charitable foundation that ACTUALLY MATTERS. So both of them are doing a thing that fulfills them, even if it isn’t what their parents planned for their lives, and also trying to give back to the world. When they say “I’m too busy to date”, it’s not some illogical stupid obstacle, it’s a real thing. And conversely, when she gets her big promotion to London, no one says “well you have to choose love or career”, everyone is pretty clear that a) this promotion is awesome and she shouldn’t turn it down, and b) there are lots of ways to figure out long distance.

All of that is GREAT, the flaw is that it doesn’t go quite far enough. I feel like maybe this script was original twice as long, and then got cut back, and ended up getting cut back a bit too far. We know our heroine had a broken engagement with a “perfect” guy, but we never meet the guy at any of the weddings, or get more details as to what happened there. And our hero says that dropping out of MIT and becoming a DJ “saved his life”, but we don’t get a lot more about that either. Instead of the nothing conflict that breaks them up before the happy ending, we could have had her fiance reappear and beg forgiveness, and him have another nervous breakdown, or something. But I say that and think “that feels like it would be a 2 hour movie instead of 90 minutes”. So I see why they didn’t bring in those last minute plots. Still, there needs to be something slightly more in some way I can’t figure out, but hope that the next movie by these same collaborators will solve.


9 thoughts on “Wedding Season Review (SPOILERS): Wait, Why Were They Fighting?

  1. I loved the sister relationship too – but also really loved the frustration with the over-compensating white guy, which makes me wonder how the musical interacial adaptation of DDLJ is going to handle that. Why is that starting in San Diego? I know not a lot about musicals but I thought everything started in New York.

    What bothered me, is that she didn’t start to like him, until she discovered he was rich. I mean she found out he was a DJ, but a successful one and that he was rich at the same time, and THEN she started to look at him differently. Almost like he bought her love. Whereas he liked her from the get go.

    And I think the fact that so many of the stupid late night romance movies I’ve seen lately, in fact ALL the romance movies I’ve seen lately include a very WEALTHY male love interest, well I think that pisses me off. Like they wouldn’t be worthy of love if they weren’t rich. Love is fabulous, but it only happens with money.

    I was also bothered by the not amazing chemistry between the lead actors. But before reading your reviews I hadn’t realized how GREAT the chemistry was between the sisters.


    • Musical answer first: Thanks to living in Chicago, I know that “out of town try out” for musicals now takes place in major non-New York cities most of the time. It’s gonna be in San Diego for a month, probably they will drop or add a song, change the plot a bit, maybe swap some characters, little tweaks before it goes to New York. Or, it is absolutely horrible and they quietly cancel the New York premier and pretend it never happened.

      I think they failed a bit in how they handled the “found out he was a DJ” reveal. I think they were going for her being this driven person who wants to contribute to the world and thinks he has no passion and doesn’t care about anything, and then finding out he was a DJ makes her see that he really does work at something. But if he’d been, like, a quietly well-regarded painter, that would have come through a lot more. DJ makes it seem like the money or fame is what she wanted, instead of just that he worked at something.

      And I think the “secret millionaire” reveal was stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid! I would have been okay if the reveal was that he actually did have a start up and sold it years back and doesn’t care that he could be making even more money at it, or if he wasn’t a secret millionaire at all just a “secret self-supporting dude in a profession his family doesn’t respect”. But the randomly rich part felt very shoe-horned in, like it was just part of the overall rom-com fantasy.

      On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 2:02 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



    • Many of musicals will start in a different city and eventually get to New York. As Margaret said, they may do workshops in other cities before taking the show to New York. Off the top of my head, the famous shows that I can think of that started in other cities before moving to New York are Wicked (San Francisco) and Hairspray (Seattle).


  2. I was convinced we were gonna meet the ex-fiance at one of the weddings, so I was surprised when he never showed up. I kind of wish they had gone deeper into that broken engagement so the actual conflict between the leads towards the end would have hit harder.

    I agree that there needed to be something more but I still enjoyed the movie a lot and thought it was really adorable.


    • You know what might have worked really well? Finding out that she broke up with the fiance because she learned he helped her get her finance job in New York so she never really succeeded on her own and he never believed in her. And then this fight would make more sense because she sees it as the same thing happening again, when actually it was the opposite (he believes in her so much that she convinced him to give money to her company).

      Also, I wanted the fiance to be a fun cameo. It would be such a perfect role to bring in, like, Rami Malek or someone.

      On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 5:08 PM dontcallitbollywood <> wrote:



      • I was thinking more like the fiance didn’t believe that she would be successful and make a difference after leaving her wall street job. And that’s why they broke up and she feels like once again she’s with someone who doesn’t believe in her.

        But I agree, I was also hoping the fiance would be a fun cameo!


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